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Conferences & Events 2009 Wednesday, 12 May 2010


2009 December 16 Washington DC NSF Workshop on “Scholarly Evaluation Metrics: Opportunities and Challenges” Following the CNI Task Force Meeting held on December 14th and 15th at the same location http://informatics.indiana.edu/scholmet09/announcement.html

2009 December 14-15 Washington, DC Fall 2009 Task Force Meeting. Coalition for Networked Information http://www.cni.org/tfms/2009b.fall/project.html

2009 December 9-11 Oxford, UK IEEE eScience 2009: Conference Track on Digital Repositories and Data Management. http://www.oerc.ox.ac.uk/ieee

2009 December 7-9 Brighton, UK Collection Development in the Digital Age. University of Brighton Information Studies http://informationmatters.net/our-courses/collection-development-in-the-digital-age/

2009 December 6-9 Auckland, New Zealand ASCILITE 2009, the 29th conference: Same places, different spaces. http://www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/auckland09/

2009 December 6-8 Riga, Latvia Higher Education Places and Spaces: for learning innovation and knowledge exchange. OECD Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) and the University of Latvia http://www.oecd.lu.lv/

2009 December 3-4 Tokyo DRF International Conference 2009 : Open Access Repositories now and in the future - from the global and Asia-Pacific points of view. Organized by: Digital Repository Federation, SPARC Japan [Presentations now available!] http://drf.lib.hokudai.ac.jp/drf/index.php?DRFIC2009#p73ef174

2009 December 2-4 London 5th International Digital Curation Conference: Moving to Multi-Scale Science: Managing Complexity and Diversity. The Digital Curation Centre in partnership with the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) http://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/dcc-2009/

2009 December 1-3 London, UK London Online. http://www.online-information.co.uk/

2009 November 30-December 1 London Research Data Management Forum: Dealing with Sensitive Data: managing ethics, security and trust. Digital Curation Centre http://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/#

2009 November 29 Sydney ERA Forum - WashUp & Lessons Learnt. This event is supported by Higher Ed Services and the Collaborative Research Administrators Group (CRAG). http://www.hes.edu.au/page/conferences---events/era-washup-forum/

2009 November 26-27 Lille, France Academic Online Resources: Assessment and Usage. Le projet EPEF (Évaluation des périodiques électroniques dans le réseau universitaire français : approche comparative par les usages) http://epef.anr.free.fr/index-eng.html

2009 November 26 London The virtual supply chain – buying e-books for academic libraries: National Acquisitions Group Seminar. National Acquisitions Group http://www.nag.org.uk/events/seminarebookacquisition.php

2009 November 23-24 Wellington, NZ 2009 National Digital Forum: Being online now: Culture, creativity and community. The National Digital Forum (NDF) http://ndf.natlib.govt.nz/about/2009-conference.htm

2009 November 19-20 Sunshine Coast QLD Learning Technologies Conference. http://www.learningtechnologies.com.au/index.cfm

2009 November 18 Melbourne Education driving economic growth. CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia) http://www.ceda.com.au/public/events/24753.html

2009 November 16-21 Pohnpei State, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) 2009 PIALA Annual Conference: Pacific Visions: Finding, Selecting, And Using Resources For Your Libraries, Archives And Museums. PIALA (Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives and Museums) http://piala.org.googlepages.com/

2009 November 11-14 Portland, Oregon MCN 37th Annual Conference: "Museum Information, Museum Efficiency: Doing More with Less!". The Museum Computer Network (MCN) http://www.mcn.edu/conferences/index.asp?subkey=2266

2009 November 9-13 Sydney eResearch Australasia 2009: No boundaries. The University of Queensland http://www.eresearch.edu.au/participation

2009 December 6-8 Riga, Latvia Higher Education Spaces and Places: for Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange. Organised with Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE). Contact: alastair.blyth@oecd.org

2009 December 1 Sunshine Coast, Qld CAIRSS Community Day 2009. CAUL Institutional Repository Support Service. http://cairss.caul.edu.au/www/events/cairss_community_day_program.htm[presentations now available]

2009 November 5–6 Canberra Research Administrators’ Seminar. Australian Research Council (ARC) / National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), in association with the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS). http://www.arc.gov.au/general/research_seminar.htm

2009 November 4-7 Charleston, South Carolina XXIX Annual Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serials Acquisition. Charleston Information Group, LLC http://www.katina.info/conference/

2009 November 3-6 Denver, Colorado EDUCAUSE 2009 http://www.educause.edu/conference/annual/

2009 October 29-30 Kuopio, Finland The Universal Repository Library and the Guarantees for the Sustainability of the Digital Copy: International Conference.Sponsored by: IFLA Acquisition and Collection Development Section, The Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche (LIBER) / Association of European Research Libraries http://www.varastokirjasto.fi/Kuopio3/

2009 October 28-29 Sydney Higher Education IT Summit. Informa Education http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/2nd-annual-higher-education-it-summit

2009 October 22-23 Sydney Social Inclusion in Education: Participation and partnerships for social inclusion in education. http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/social-inclusion-in-education

2009 October 20-22 Hannover, Germany IFLA ILDS 2009: Strategic Alliances and Partnerships in Interlending and Document Supply: 11th Interlending and Document Supply Conference.http://www.ilds2009.de/

2009 October 19-21 The Hague, Netherlands 2nd LIBER-EBLIDA Workshop on the digitization of library material in Europe. http://www.libereurope.eu/node/391

2009 October 15–17 Sydney The Practice of Indexing: Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers Conference. http://www.anzsi.org/site/2009_conference.asp

2009 October 15-16 London, UK Internet Librarian International 2009. Pre-conference workshops 14 October. Organised by Information Today Inc

2009 October 14-18 Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt Book Fair 2009 http://www.book-fair.com/en/fbf/

2009 October 14-16 Gothenburg, Sweden DSpace User Group Meeting. University of Gothenburg http://dsug09.ub.gu.se/index.php/dsug/dsug09

2009 October 12-14 Christchurch, New Zealand LIANZA Conference 2009. The New Zealand Library Association http://www.lianza.org.nz/events/conference2009/index.html

2009 October 8-9 Boston Library Resource Management Systems: New Challenges, New Opportunities. National Information Standards Organization http://www.niso.org/news/events/2009/lrms09

2009 September-May 2010 Visiting all capital cities. ANDS Roadshow. Australian National Data Service http://ands.org.au/events/roadshow.html
Perth on September 10 and 11 (register by Friday September 4); Brisbane on September 29 and 30 (register by Monday September 21); Adelaide during the week of October 26 - precise dates to be confirmed; Hobart during the week of November 30 - precise dates to be confirmed; Other capital cities in 2010 - to be advised.

2009 September 30 Logan, Utah Institutional Repositories: Disseminating, Promoting, and Preserving Scholarship. Sponsored by Utah State University, Berkeley Electronic Press, and the Utah Academic Library Consortium. http://digitalcommons.usu.edu/irday/

2009 September 27-October 2 Corfu, Greece ECDL2009: Digital Societies: 13th European Conference on Digital Libraries. The Laboratory on Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing, Department of Archives and Library Sciences, Ionian University. http://www.ecdl2009.eu/

2009 September 23 New York Sustainable Scholarship 2009. Ithaka event. [Presentations now available]http://ithaka.org/about-ithaka/events/sustainable-scholarship-2009-1/

2009 September 22-23 Washington, DC Designing Storage Architectures for Preservation Collections. The Library of Congress http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/news/events/other_meetings/storage09/index.htmlPresentations now available!

2009 September 17-18 Bathurst AuSakai 09: Sakai as a Scholarly Environment: Pedagogy, Systems, Processes and Outcomes. Charles Sturt University http://www.csu.edu.au/division/landt/ausakai09/ausakai09.htm

2009 September 16-18 Christchurch, NZ 11th Annual ARMS 2009 Conference. Hosted by the New Zealand chapter of the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS). http://www.researchadmin.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=38&Itemid=86

2009 September 14-16 Lund, Sweden 1st Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing. OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association) http://www.oaspa.org/coasp/index.php

2009 September 14-15 Melbourne 2009 Research Trends and Innovation 2009: Institutional, National and Global Perspective. Elsevier http://asia.elsevier.com/elsevierdnn/EventsConferences/tabid/55/Default.aspx

2009 September 14 Adelaide The Acquisitions Continuum: from source to supply and beyond: annual one day Seminar. ALIA Acquisitions Committee http://www.alia.org.au/groups/acqnat/acquisitions/2009

2009 September 9-11 The Oxford Belfry, UK ALPSP International Conference 2009. Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers http://www.alpsp.org/ngen_public/article.asp?aID=36999

2009 September 7 Sydney Print Disabilities Workshop: “Paving the Way: Making access to content easier for the print disabled market”. Copyright Agency Limited and Vision Australia http://copyright.com.au/Latest_News/CAL_and_Vision_Australia_to_hold_print_disabilitie.aspx

2009 September 2-4 Darwin  ALLA 2009 Conference: Australian Law Librarians' Association. http://www.alla.asn.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=222&Itemid=372

2009 September 2-3 Canberra 4th annual University Governance & Regulations Forum. Informa http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/4th-annual-university-governance-regulations-forum

2009 August 31-September 4 Brisbane 10th International Congress on Medical Librarianship (ICML): Positioning the Profession. The University of Queensland Library and IFLA Section of Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries http://www.icml2009.com/

2009 August 30-September 3 Coolangatta, Queensland ACODE Institute 2009: A Learning Technologies Leadership Institute. Australasian Council on Open, Distance and e-Learning http://hub.acode.edu.au/course/view.php?id=6

2009 August 23-27 Coolangatta, Queensland CAUDIT-Educause Institute 2009 http://www.caudit.edu.au/institute2009/

2009 August 23-27 Milan, Italy World Library and Information Congress: 75th IFLA General Conference and Council http://www.ifla.org/IV/ifla75/index.htm

2009 August 17-20 Florence Libraries Plus: Adding Value in the Cultural Community: 8th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services. Information Management Innovation Research Group in the School of Computing, Engineering and Information Sciences. http://www.northumbria.ac.uk/sd/academic/ceis/re/isrc/conf/pm8/

2009 August 17-18 Sydney CAUL Industry Think Tank 2009: Global Economic Crisis: Library Consortia, Publishers and Content Providers Working Together. Council of Australian University Librarians. Invitation Only. http://www.caul.edu.au/meetings/thinktank2009.html

2009 August 6 Canberra Reimagining copyright for the 21st century. Australian Copyright Council http://www.copyright.org.au/training/conferences/copyright-conference-6-august-2009/t09n10

2009 July 28 - August 5 Tilburg University, the Netherlands Digital Libraries à la Carte 2009. Modular course to prepare librarians for the future. Ticer (Tilburg Innovation Centre for Electronic Resources) http://www.tilburguniversity.nl/services/lis/ticer/09carte/

2009 July 11 Chicago, IL Preservation: Library Strategies and Portico’s Role. Portico Meeting at ALA [Presentations now available]http://portico.org/news/072809.html

2009 July 11 Chicago, IL Rough waters: Navigating hard times in the scholarly communication marketplace: SPARC-ACRL forum. The forum, was held at the Chicago meeting of the American Library Association in July, was co-sponsored by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). http://www.arl.org/sparc/meetings/ala09/
Transforming the Marketplace: Angels or Demons? Ivy Anderson, Director of Collection Development & Management, California Digital Library

2009 July 9–15 Chicago, Illinois American Library Association Annual Conference http://www.ala.org/ala/conferencesevents/upcoming/annual/index.cfm

2009 July 6-8 Melbourne 9th National University Finance and Procurement Conference: Weathering the Financial Storm. Higher Ed Services http://www.hes.edu.au/page/conferences/2009-finance---procurement-conference/

2009 July 1-3 Alice Springs AUQF2009: Internal & External Quality Assurance: Tensions & Synergies.  Australian Universities Quality Agency http://www.auqa.edu.au/auqf/2009/

2009 June 30 - July 1 South Cerney, Gloucestershire JISC Digital Content Conference 2009. http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2009/06/digitalcontent

2009 June 28-30 Copenhagen Higher Education at a Time of Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities, organized by OECD's Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE). https://conference.cbs.dk/index.php/oecd/oecd/index.php

2009 June 25-26 London Third Bloomsbury Conference On E-Publishing And E-Publications: Beyond Books And Journals: An independent conference organised from the Centre for Publishing/Department of Information Studies at University College London http://www.ucl.ac.uk/infostudies/e-publishing/

2009 June 24-26 Cologne NCeSS 2009 Conference: The 5th International Conference on e-Social Science. National Centre for e-Social Science, held in collaboration with the German Social Science Infrastructure Services (GESIS) http://www.ncess.ac.uk/conference-09/

2009 June 23-26 Santiago de Compostela, Spain EUNIS 2009: IT: Key of the European Space for Knowledge. EUNIS (European University Information Systems. Hosted by the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) http://www.eunis2009.es/

2009 June 23-24 Vancouver BC, Canada m-libraries:  Information on the move: The Second International m-Libraries Conference. The Open University http://library.open.ac.uk/mLibraries/

2009 June 22-25 Aberdeen Information: Interactions and Impact (i³): second International Conference. Contact: i3information@rgu.ac.uk. http://www.i3conference.org.uk/

2009 June 22-24 London ePortfolio 2009 — Learning Forum London. EIfEL(European Institute for E-Learning) http://www.epforum.eu/lfl2009/conference

2009 June 17-19 Geneva, Switzerland OAI6 (CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication). http://www.unige.ch/workshop/oai6/

2009 June 16-17 Manchester Innovation in e-information - the UKeiG 2009 Conference. UK eInformation Group http://www.ukeig.org.uk/conf2009/index.html

2009 June 15-19 Austin, Texas JCDL2009: Designing tomorrow, preserving the past - today: Joint Conference on Digital Libraries. http://www.jcdl2009.org/

2009 June 10-13 Pittsburgh, PA ETD 2009: Bridging the knowledge divide:  Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Organized by the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD).ETD2009 Conference Summary now available http://www.library.pitt.edu/etd2009

2009 June 10-12 Bournemouth, Dorset SCONUL conference and AGM 2009. Society of College, National and University Libraries http://www.sconul.ac.uk/events/agm2009/

2009 June 10-12 Milano, Italy ELPUB 2009: 13th International Conference on Electronic Publishing : Rethinking Electronic Publishing : Innovation in Communication Paradigms and Technologies. http://www.elpub.net/

2009 June 9 Oakland, CA Trust, Value & Partnership. ITHAKA | California Digital Library Forum  [Presentations now available] http://www.ithaka.org/about-ithaka/announcements/ithaka-cdl-forum-june-9-2009

2009 June 7-10 Maastricht, NL M-2009: Flexible Education for All: Open – Global – Innovative: the 23rd ICDE World Conference on Open and Distance Education, including the EADTU Annual Conference 2009. The conference is hosted by Open Universiteit Nederland. http://www.ou.nl/eCache/DEF/80/137.html

2009 June 4-7 Asheville, North Carolina NASIG 24th Annual Conference: Riding the Rapids Through a Mountain of Change. North American Serials Interest Group, Inc. (NASIG)  http://blog.nasig.org/

2009 June 1-4 Leuven, Belgium IATUL 30th Annual Conference: Just for you, Quality through Innovation. International Association of Technological University Libraries (IATUL) http://wbib.kuleuven.be/iatul2009/index.php

2009 May 28-29 Melbourne Inaugural Go8 Directors’ Conference.  http://www.go8.edu.au/

2009 May 27 Canberra Metadata Seminar: Sharing Data, Sharing Ideas. Supported by National Archives of Australia and Australian Bureau of Statistics. http://www.naa.gov.au/whats-on/outreach-and-advocacy/forums/metadata/

2009 May 26-29 Tampere, Finland IASSIST/IFDO 2009 Conference. IASSIST, the International Association of Social Science Information Service & Technology, and IFDO, the International Federation of Data Organisations for the Social Science http://www.fsd.uta.fi/iassist2009/

2009 May 26-29 Chania, Crete, Greece QQML2009: International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries.  http://www.isast.org/home.html

2009 May 25-30 Dubrovnik and Zadar, Croatia Libraries in the Digital Age /LIDA. http://www.ffos.hr/lida/

2009 May 22 Canberra Peak Bodies Forum, 2009. National Library of Australia [Presentations now available] http://www.nla.gov.au/initiatives/meetings/peakbod/PeakBodiesForum2009.html

2009 May 21 London Eduserv Symposium 2009: Evolution or revolution: The future of identity and access management for research. http://www.eduserv.org.uk/events/esym09

2009 May 19-22 Houston, Texas 154th ARL Membership Meeting. Association of Research Libraries http://www.arl.org/events/currentmm/index.shtml

2009 May 13-14 Dublin, OH Rethinking Resource Sharing... Inspiring Librarians... Empowering People: Forum IV 2009. BCR (Bibliographical Center for Research) http://www.rethinkingresourcesharing.org/forum09/index.html

2009 May 12 London E-books and E-content 2009. University College London http://www.econtent2009.com/

2009 May 11-14 Barcelona Spain Learning Impact Conference. IMS Global Learning Consortium Annual Conference. http://www.imsglobal.org/learningimpact2009/index.html

2009 May 4-7 Arlington, Virginia Archiving 2009. The Society for Imaging Science and Technology http://www.imaging.org/conferences/archiving2009/

2009 May 3-6 Perth, Western Australia EDUCAUSE Australasia Conference: Innovate, Collaborate & Sustain. Hosted by CAUDIT, CAUL and ACODE. http://www.caudit.edu.au/educauseaustralasia09/

2009 April 30-May 1 Manchester Research Data Management Forum: Values and Benefits of Data Sharing and Management. Digital Curation Centre http://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/data-forum-2009-april/

2009 April 28-30 Cambridge, Massachusetts STM Spring Conference: What keeps Scholarly Publishers up at Night? Political Environments: Threats & Opportunities, Copyright Challenges & Web 3.0. STM http://www.stmassoc.org/event.php?event_id=13

2009 April 17 The Hague e-Merging New Roles and Responsibilities in the European Landscape: A workshop on long-term digital preservation.  Koninklijke Bibliotheek/National Library of the Netherlands http://www.kb.nl/hrd/congressen/curatingresearch2009/index-en.xml

2009 April 16-17 Sydney Unlocking IP 2009 Conference: National and Global Dimensions of the Public Domain. University of New South Wales Faculty of Law http://www.cyberlawcentre.org/unlocking-ip/2009/

2009 April 16-17 Brisbane National and Institutional Perspectives on Metrics-Based Research Evaluation. Thomson Reuters and the University of Queensland http://www.library.uq.edu.au/metrics/

2009 April 16 New York Digital Dilemmas Symposium: Challenges + Opportunities + Solutions. Ithaka event. [Presentations now available]http://ithaka.org/ithaka-s-r/research/events/digital-dilemmas-symposium-challenges-opportunities-solutions/

2009 April 15-18 Indianapolis, Indiana Museums and the Web: MW2009: the international conference for culture and heritage online. Archives & Museum Informatics http://www.archimuse.com/mw2009/

2009 April 15-16 Sydney Workshop: Pragmatic Mapping for the Humanities. This workshop is organised by the Digital Innovation Unit for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney. Contact Ingrid Mason http://www.arts.usyd.edu.au/digitalinnovation/

2009 April 6-8 Sydney Adopting Robust Strategies for Digital Preservation: Harnessing measures to ensure longevity of electronic resources within the public sector. Ark Group Australia Pty Ltd http://www.arkgroupaustralia.com.au/Events-c064-Digipreservation.htm

2009 April 6-7 Minneapolis, MN Coalition for Networked Information Spring 2009 Task Force Meeting. http://www.cni.org/tfms/2009a.spring/

2009 April 4 New Haven, Connecticut Library 2.0 Symposium. Yale Law School Information Society Project http://www.law.yale.edu/news/9059.htm

2009 April 2-3 Melbourne Annual Higher Education Summit. Informa http://www.highereducationsummit.com.au/informaoz/highereducationsummit/2009/

2009 April 1-3 Chapel Hill, NC DigCCurr 2009: Digital Curation Practice, Promise and Prospects. The School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina http://www.ils.unc.edu/digccurr2009/

2009 March 30- April 1 Torquay, UK UKSG 32nd Annual Conference & Exhibition. United Kingdom Serials Group (UKSG) http://www.uksg.org/event/conference09

2009 March 27 Canberra Innovative Ideas Forum 2009: 'The value and significance of social networking for cultural institutions'. National Library of Australia http://www.nla.gov.au/initiatives/meetings/innovative-ideas-forum/2009/

2009 March 26-27 Indianapolis, Indiana Cyberinfrastructure Software Sustainability. Indiana University is hosting an NSF-sponsored workshop [and] inviting the submission of position papers from the software and scientific community, to be used as input to the workshop and as a way of identifying additional diverse participants. http://cisoftwaresustainability.iu-pti.org/

2009 March 25-26 Edinburgh Open Educational Repositories: Share, Improve, Reuse. Intrallect http://www.intrallect.com/index.php/intrallect/news_events/events

2009 March 25 London Peer Review Workshop: Case Studies in Sustainability conducted. Ithaka, with the support of the Strategic Content Alliance http://survey.jisc.ac.uk/ithaka_sca-bmsw

2009 March 25 Canberra ERA Member Forum. (the same week as the ALIA Public Libraries Summit (26 March) and 'Innovative Ideas Forum' (27 March)) http://era.nla.gov.au/governance/ElectronicResourcesAutralia-GovernanceMembershipForum.html

2009 March 24 Edinburgh JISC Conference 2009. Joint Information Systems Committee http://www.jisc.ac.uk/jiscconference09

2009 March 23-27 Edinburgh The Influence and Impact of Web 2.0 on e-Research Infrastructure, Applications and Users. This event is sponsored by National e-Science Centre http://www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/968/

2009 March 13 New York The Google Books Settlement: What Will It Mean for the Long Term? Columbia Law School http://www.law.columbia.edu/

2009 March 12-15 Seattle, WA ACRL 2009: Pushing the Edge: Explore, Engage, Extend. Association of College & Research Libraries http://www.acrl.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/events/seattle/seattle.cfm

2009 March 11-13 Canberra 13th International Association for Sport Information World Congress: Building and Sustaining Sport Information Communities - through connectivity, collaboration and sharing. Hosted by National Sport Information Centre, a program of the Australian Sports Commission.  https://secure.ausport.gov.au/conferences/iasi

2009 March 11–12 Seattle, Washington Institute on Scholarly Communication. Sponsored by The Association of Research Libraries and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)  http://www.arl.org/sc/institute/inst-events/0309workshop.shtml

2009 March 11 Sydney ERA Under the Bonnet: Preparing your ERA Submission. This event is supported by Higher Ed Services, CRAG (Collaborative Research Administrators Group) and ARMS (The Australasian Research Management Society). http://www.hes.edu.au/page/collaborative-group-management/collaborative-research-administrators-group/era-under-the-bonnet/

2009 March 11 Seattle, WA Data Movement and Management Forum: Pre-ACRL Program. Organised by NISO http://www.niso.org/news/events/2009/datamovement09


2009 March 4-6 Canberra Universities Australia Higher Education Conference. http://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/content.asp?page=/policies_programs/conference/index.htm

2009 February 26 London ALPSP Seminar: The Changing Face of Consortia. http://www.alpsp.org/ngen_public/article.asp?aid=37685

2009 February 26 London A National Research Data Service for the UK? An International Conference on the UK Research Data Service Feasibility Study. UKOLN http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/events/ukrds-2009/

2009 February 25-27 Pondichery, Tamil Nadu, India CALIBER 2009: 7th International Convention on Automation of Libraries in Education and Research Institutions: e-CONTENTS MANAGEMENT: Challenges and Strategies. Organised by INFLIBNET Centre http://www.inflibnet.ac.in/caliber2009/index.htm

2009 February 25-26 Sydney Higher Education Recruitment & Retention. Informa/IIR Conferences   http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/education/higher-education-recruitment-retention

2009 February 22-24 Philadelphia, PA The 2009 NFAIS Annual Conference: Barbarians at the Gate?  The Impact of Digital Natives and Emerging Technologies on the Future of Information Services. National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services http://www.nfais.org/events/event_details.cfm?id=51

2009 February 16-17 Sydney Shibboleth Federation Workshop MAMS, Macquarie E-Learning Centre of Excellence. RSVP by emailing to bliong@melcoe.mq.edu.au http://www.federation.org.au/twiki/bin/view/Federation/AAFShibbolethRolloutWorkshop

2009 February 13 Wellington, NZ Gaining Stakeholder Buy-in for your Library Services.  Key Forums     http://www.keyforums.com.au/event_details.aspx?type=masterclasses&id=42

2009 February 11-13 College Station, Texas Texas A&M Symposium on Scholarly Communication: "The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Communication in the Digital Age" Videostream of presentations now available! http://futureofpublishing.tamu.edu/program/symposium-program.html

2009 February 11 Sydney Supporting the Data Lifecycle Symposium: A one day ANDS-ARCS symposium defining and aligning institutional, national and international approaches to storing and managing research data. By invitation. Hosted by University of Sydney ICT; sponsored by ANDS, ARCS and Intersect  http://www.ands.org.au/datalifecycle-symposium.html

2009 February 9-12 Los Angeles, CA Electronic Resources & Libraries 2009. http://www.electroniclibrarian.org/ocs/index.php/erl/2009/index

2009 February 5-6 Brisbane First-Year Experience (FYE) Curriculum Design Symposium. Australian Learning and Teaching Council. Hosted by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) http://www.fyecd2009.qut.edu.au/

2009 February 3-5 Bielefield, Germany 9th Annual International Bielefeld Conference: Upgrading the eLibrary: Enhanced Information Services Driven by Technology and Economics. http://conference.ub.uni-bielefeld.de/2009/index.htm

2009 February 2-6 Sydney Digital Futures: from digitization to delivery.  King's College London, [with] the co-operation of the Library at the University of Technology, Sydney. http://www.digitalconsultancy.net/digifutures/

2009 February Hobart, Sydney Six Frames for Information Literacy Education. CAVAL Training http://www.caval.edu.au/course-description.html?CID=198

2009 January 23–28 Denver American Library Association Midwinter Meeting http://www.ala.org/ala/conferencesevents/upcoming/midwinter/home.cfm

2009 January 23 Sydney Publishing Excellence: Beyond Impact Factor. Joint Nature Thomson Reuters Event

2009 January 22 Denver, CO ALCTS Mid-Winter Symposium: Implementing an Institutional Repository: Benefits and Challenges.  http://www.ala.org/ala/conferencesevents/upcoming/midwinter/2009/meetings.cfm

2009 January 20-22 Sydney Information Online 2009: ALIA 14th Exhibition and Conference. Australian Library and information Association http://www.information-online.com.au/

2009 January 20-21 Berlin APE 2009: Academic Publishing in Europe: The Impact of Publishing. http://www.ape2009.eu/

2009 January 16-18 Mumbai, India World Universities Forum, 2009. http://UniversitiesForum.com

2009 January 14 Sydney Research data management seminar featuring Robin Rice, DISC-UK DataShare. University of NSW and University of Sydney Libraries. Presentations now available! http://escholarship.library.usyd.edu.au/dpa/robin_rice.shtml

2009 March 9-10 Sydney Financial Review Higher Education Conference 2009. http://www.afr.com/home/events/higher-education/