EPrints Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Participants: JCU, QUT, USQ, VU, Murdoch, CAIRSS.

New Versions and Upgrades

  • A number of sites looking at upgrading in next 3-6 months.

  • 3.2 scheduled for release end of 2009.

  • Mark pointed out these 2 useful documents from Les Carr discussing 3.2:

    A distilled guide to EPrints 3.2 http://www.slideshare.net/lescarr/a-distilled-guide-to-eprints-v32

    EPrints 3.2: Meeting Institutional Requirements http://files.eprints.org/453/

  • 3.2 new features advertised: Storage Controller (allows hybrid solutions to be built using both local and cloud level storage), FTP and WebDAV Support (new ways to connect your desktop to the repository), SWORD 2 v1.3 Support (allowing direct deposit of documents from Microsoft Office 2007), enhancements to repository web site management (edit repository pages directly from web page editors such as Dreamweaver).

  • Is it ok to jump a version in upgrade? (I.e. miss 3.1 and go straight to 3.2)?

Australian EPrints Sites

  • Murdoch in the process of moving from Vital to EPrints (hosted). Thrilled with results so far.

ERA Trial

  • Some sites experienced issues with SEER authentication (form authentication vs. basic authentication). These sites ended up going to IP authentication instead.

  • Confusion in the ERA tech specs about what constituted basic authentication ARC could have been clearer here.

Configurations in Progress

  • USQ looking at unique identity loading.

  • USQ looking at alignment with Office of Research publications database. A single submission interface (IR) and moving data between the two systems.

  • JCU loading staff lists as authority files.

  • JCU using correspondence tab to enable emails received in response to a specific record to be retained with that record.

  • JCU adding paragraph breaks to fields.

  • Number of sites loading FoR and SEO codes.

Difficulties Currently Experienced

  • Bulk uploads

  • Inbuilt search (doesnt always show all results).

Interested in Further Discussion on

  • Author IDs.

  • Research Master ingest from IR.

  • Metadata harvesting with NLA Australian Research Online. What work needs to be done onsite for this? Which DC element are sites using for linking the metadata URL in the hosting repository (relation or identifier)? Check with NLA the best way to go forward with this.

  • Stats.

  • SWORD. Any sites in Australia using yet?