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DSpace Thursday, 8 August 2013

Monday 23 November 2009

Participants: Flinders, Griffith, Adelaide, Sydney, UTS, CAIRSS.

New Versions and Upgrades

  • Discussion of recent upgrades.

  • Discussed problems going from 1.4 to 1.5 (change in build process).

Australian DSpace Sites

  • Many reported staying with DSpace short to mid term, while other sites reviewing. Many reported do not have resources at present to manage a Fedora or Vital instance.

  • Comments on the DSpace online community being particularly helpful for managing sw.

ERA Trial

  • Some sites using Darkive.

  • Some sites experienced issues with SEER authentication (form authentication vs. basic authentication). Some of these sites ended up going to IP authentication instead.

  • Confusion in the ERA tech specs about what constituted basic authentication ARC could have been clearer here.

Difficulties Currently Experienced

  • Stats.

  • Biggest complaint was unhelpful error messages. Some sites have written extra code to help interpret error messages.

Interested in Further Discussion on

  • Reporting. (No easy way to extract a list of publications for a person or journal search once displayed on screen). Discussion on BIRT (bus intel reporting tool).

  • Google Scholar harvesting and rankings. A business model perhaps?

  • Would like a specific DSpace gathering at the next CAIRSS Community Day.

  • Metadata harvesting with NLA Australian Research Online. What work needs to be done onsite for this? Issues with messy display. Check with NLA the best way to go forward with this.