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Merck Index suppliers from 2013

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) purchased the exclusive rights to the 15th edition of the Merck Index Online earlier this year with the 15th Edition being launched in April.

The Merck Index - see MERCK Publishing page

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Catalysis Science & Technology, the latest journal to join the RSC Publishing portfolio, will publish its first content online early in 2011 and is available for FREE access until the end of 2012. It will become chargeable from 2013 onwards, so 2 free years. (8/12/10) The same applies to RSC Advances (added 30/3/11) RSC Publishing offered free access to the first two volumes of the following journals * Analytical Methods * Integrative Biology * Metallomics * Nanoscale

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RSC ebook MARC records free of charge

RSC Publishing is very pleased to announce that we have now signed an agreement with OCLC to supply all our RSC eBook Collection and Subject Collections customers with OCLC MARC records free of charge. To sign up to receive these MARC records GO TO the OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets Service. (12/11/11)

OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets Service

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).


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The Merck Index - see MERCK Publishing page
MarinLit Database

MarinLit is a database dedicated to marine natural products research. The database was established in the 1970s by Professors John Blunt and Murray Munro at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. (4/8/14)

Chemical Sciences Article Repository

(launched 25/10/13) an online platform for the scientific community to easily deposit, share and discover high quality, open access (OA) research.  This initial release provides a repository through which you can retrieve OA articles, whether they are funded immediately (Gold OA), or articles made open access after an embargo period (Green OA), such as those funded by RCUK, the Wellcome Trust or NIH.

RSC Gold

RSC Gold (24/2/10) = all RSC journal, database and magazine content that is available online.

Introduction to the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Gold for Gold Initiative (11/12/12)
Note:  this is hybrid open access, not Gold

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RSC Journals (13/8/08)

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RSC Journals Archive (13/8/08)

RSC Journals Archive 2005-2007 titles list (17/4/12)

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RSC eBook Collection (13/8/08)

RSC ebook titles, July 2008 (2009 yet to come, 14/8/08)


RSC 2014 Electronic Access Licence Agreement, University Agreement V1.3 – MarinLit (4/8/14)

RSC 2013 Electronic Access Licence Agreement (8/11/12, current 30/8/13)

RSC 2011 Electronic Access Licence Agreement (via Swets, 30/9/11)

RSC response to CAUL vendor survey re licence conditions (11/9/09, updated 15/9/11) [Members only]

Electronic Access Licence Agreement.  University Agreement (13/8/08, valid 11/9/09)

Licensing Regulations and Terms & Conditions of Access. (13/8/08)

Electronic Access Licence Agreement.  University Agreement (13/8/08)

RSC Academic Licence Agreement (downloaded 20/10/06) Updated, to include ebooks (24/3/07)

Licence (universities 1/3/07) (5/5/07)

Licence (companies 1/3/07) (5/5/07)

Technical/Sales Support

Natalie Blanchard, Royal Society of Chemistry Representative, ANZ. Tel: +61 422 443 411 (7/8/12)

Sales Support: RSC Sales Support Team . Tel: +44 (0)1223 432360 (26/11/12)

Henry Liu, Regional Sales Manager (Asia Pacific), Tel: +86 1391 849 7722 (26/11/12)

Stephen Hawthorne, Executive Director Sales, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships. (26/11/12)

Technical Support: Technical Support Team  Tel: +44 (0)1223 432360 (26/11/12)

IP Blocking  (Lesley Maw, 29/6/07)  [Members only

MARC Records (22/9/08)
1.  RSC Publishing MARC records are available free of charge to RSC eBook Collection customers in UK MARC and MARC 21 formats. These are generated using RSC Publishing basic metadata.  RSC Publishing MARC records are now available for the 1968-2006 RSC eBook Collection and records for 2007-2008 books will be available in a month or so. These can be downloaded.   .
2. OCLC MARC records are enhanced MARC records. These are freely available to OCLC subscribers only and are provided through the WORLDCAT service.


The RSC Journals are counter compliant to the very latest standard (COUNTER Release 3) offering flexible and detailed reports including accesses by individual IP address. Usage statistics for RSC eBooks are also counter compliant.

From 2011, it will be necessary to have a librarian account in order to access usage statistics. Institutions can register for a librarian account at

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

RSC MarinLit 2014-2015 pricing for CAUL (4/8/14) [Members only]

RSC Gold 2013-2015 proposal

RSC 2014 pricing for CAUL (30/8/13) [Members only]

RSC Gold for Gold 2013 pricing for CAUL (8/3/13) [Members only]

RSC 2013 proposal for CAUL (7/11/12) [Members only]

RSC 2013 pricing for CAUL (7/11/12) [Members only]

RSC statistics analysis and pricing comparison - UNSW 2011-12 example (7/11/12) [Members only]

RSC 2013 Electronic Access Licence Agreement (8/11/12)

RSC earlier proposals, via Swets/EBSCO

RSC Journals Archive update 2005-2007 pricing for CAUL (via Swets, 17/4/12) [Members only]

RSC Journals Archive update 2005-2007 titles list (17/4/12)

Titles included in CAUL packages, 2006-2012 (28/8/08, updated 30/9/11) [Members only]

RSC Gold & eBooks 2012 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 18/10/11) [Members only]

RSC Gold & eBooks 2012 pricing for CAUL (via Swets, 14/10/11, withdrawn 17/10/11)

RSC Journals package 2012 pricing for CAUL (via Swets, 30/9/11) [Members only
"The discounts are for Swets only in collaboration with RSC. Swets is the exclusive agent therefore the discounts are not available through other agents." (14/10/11)

RSC Gold 2011 pricing for CAUL (10/9/10) [Members only]

RSC Gold 2011 pricing (via EBSCO, 28/9/10) [Members only]

RSC 2011 pricing for CAUL (via Swets, 11/8/10, under review) [Members only

RSC 2010 Offer to CAUL: ejournals, archive, ebooks to 2010 (via Swets, 11/9/09) [Members only
RSC 2009 Offer to CAUL: ejournals, archive, ebooks to 2009 (via Swets, 13/8/08, updated 3/9/08) [Members only

RSC template for 2009 cost calculation (13/8/08)

RSC 2009 Journal Prices (13/8/08)

RSC CAUL Order Form – 2009 (13/8/08) [Members only]

RSC 2008 Offer to CAUL: ejournals, archive, ebooks to 2008 (via Swets, 25/10/07) [Members only]

Institutional holdings & quote for 2008 (via Swets 25/10/07) [Members only]

RSC 2008 titles details and template for cost calculation (4/12/07)

Offer for current ebook collection (to 2006) and/or new books in 2007 (5/5/07) [Members only]

RSC 2007 Offer to CAUL (via Swets 7/8/06) [Members only]

2007 RSC institutional holdings (4/12/07) [Members only]

RSC 2006 Offer to CAUL (via Swets 27/7/05) [Members only