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IEEE sales exclusively through EBSCO

NEWS: IEEE sales exclusively through EBSCO from January 1, 2008 (1/8/07)

IEEE sales exclusively through EBSCO

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to IEEE.


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IEEE Journals Archive

Coverage extends back to Volume 1, Issue 1, for content published between 1884 to 1994* (5/11/13)

IEEE English for Engineering
MIT Press eBooks Library – Computing and Engineering Collection - see MIT Press page

IEEE eBooks 2013 titles list (via EBSCO on IEEE platform, 9/8/13)
(MIT Press eBooks Library – Computing and Engineering Collection; IEEE Wiley eBooks Library)

MIT Press eBooks Library 2013 titles list (via EBSCO, 8/10/12)

IEEE Wiley eBooks

IEEE eBooks 2013 titles list (via EBSCO on IEEE platform, 9/8/13)
(MIT Press eBooks Library – Computing and Engineering Collection; IEEE Wiley eBooks Library)

IEEE Wiley eBooks 2012 titles list (via EBSCO, 6/10/11)

IEEE Wiley eBooks 2011 titles list (including 1974-2011 full list) (via EBSCO, 6/10/11)

IEEE Wiley eBooks 2010 titles list (including 1999-2010 titles overlapping on Xplore/Wiley Interscience) (via EBSCO, 12/3/10)

IEEE eLearning Library

The IEEE eLearning Library is an online collection of short courses and conference workshops. It is composed of courses in core and emerging technologies, ranging from 1-3 hours in length. Each course was developed and peer-reviewed by subject experts and awards continuing education units (CEU) or professional development hours (PDH) upon successful completion. The courses can be found in IEEE Xplore and accessed via the IEEE Learning Management System (LMS). (20/10/10)

IEEE eLearning Library 2013 course list (19/9/13)

IEEE eLearning Library 2012 course list (19/4/12)

Expert Now

Course catalogue (29/9/08)

IEEE Xplore / IEL ( IEEE Electronic Library)

Current IEEE/IET titles list can be downloaded from IEEE's website (17/7/15)

IEEE/IET 2012 titles lists (includes standards, conferences and ebooks, 5/4/12)

IEEE/IET titles lists (21/6/07)

The Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL)

CSDL covers an overlapping but in some cases different set of materials than those found in IEL. Please remember that IEL includes the publications that appear in our printed packages namely, ASPP and the POPs.  Basically, CSDL, produced by the IEEE Computer Society, includes conferences that are not included in the POPs program and therefore are not considered part of the IEL.

Update 24/7/06:
The IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) provides:
nbsp;  Web access to 23 IEEE Computer Society periodicals from 1988 forward
   Includes over 1,700 conference proceedings from 1995 forward
   Anniversary-basis or calendar-year subscriptions
   Powered by the CSLSP-e electronic delivery platform on
   Full-text, searchable HTML format plus PDF
   IP authentication: Every user at your site can access CSLSP-e articles
   No limit on concurrent users
   Electronic access in advance of the periodicals print publications

Further details are available at:  then click on the "Digital Library" link at the top left side of page

Compare features between IEEE Online products

The IEEE Computer Society Digital Library price for a 12 month subscription, with unlimited concurrent users is US$14,795
* Price valid until 30th November  2006.

Update 15/10/02
For 2003, CSDL costs a member approx. $110 US/year. Libraries may subscribe for 2003 for $12,395 US, with discounted consortium rates available.

  • CSDL hosts Computer Society (CS) journal publications starting from 1988 (versus 1988 for IEL) except for IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, which goes back to Volume 1 (published in 1979).
  • CSDL hosts CS conference proceedings starting from 1995 *(versus 1988 for IEL).
  • For 2003, CSDL is limited to 20 Computer Society magazines and transactions *(versus over 105 for IEL, including the 20 of CSDL.

Future - CSDL will be exchanging digital library metadata with the ACM. Each digital library will provide links to the other's site.
Our digital library is a subset of the larger IEEE packages, but you may have members who are offering only undergraduate programs in computer science or whose budgets can't afford the larger IEEE packages.

Update 11/8/00
- CSDL does not cover any IEEE Standards
- CSDL does not cover any IEE publications (Journals, Conferences, Colloquia)
- CSDL displays citation information with abstracts FOR FREE TO ALL WEB SURFERS
*(versus TOCs only for non-members; citations with abstracts limited to subscribers and IEEE members with web accounts)
- CSDL PDF quality is better: usually distilled from PostScript(PS); Magazines usually in color
*(versus only the last 18 months-or-so distilled from PS, almost nothing in color, but we're working to replace the old PDFs with good PS PDFs in IEL)
- Timeliness: issues appear in CSDL first, before they reach IEL for processing and INSPEC for Indexing
*(IEL must wait for CS to push files to us for processing after CSDL processing complete)
- Search functions: IEL includes (soon) searchable HTML versions of document   *(versus CSDL's searchable distilled PS PDF files)
- Future: IEL will include reference linking


IEEE eLearning Library Agreement – Subscription Access (Academic) Rev. 03/2012 (19/9/13)

IEEE Online Products Agreement (Academic) Rev. 10/2012 (19/7/13, current 17/7/15) [Members only]

IEEE Ebooks Agreement – Perpetual Access (Academic) Rev. 9/2012 (8/10/12, current 9/8/13)
with updated licence clause 3d (4/12/12)

IEEE English for Engineering Agreement (Academic) (23/10/12)

IEEE Online Products Agreement (Academic) (December, 2011, valid at 18/4/13)

IEEE Online Products 2010 Agreement (Academic) (February, 2010) [Members only]

IEEE eBooks 2010 Agreement (Academic) (February, 2010) [Members only]

IEEE eLearning Library 2011 Academic Licence (9/3/10)


IEEE Online Products License Agreement - Academic (April, 2006)
Licence agreement (March, 2004)
IEL Licence (July 2001 version)

Technical/Sales Support

Sales Support: EBSCO Information Services Australia (18/4/12)

Technical Contact/s:

"IEEE does not provide trials for Draft Standards. The logic is that as it’s only available to IEL subscribers, and is presented the same way as the IEEE Standards package, a trial would be overkill."

WCAG compliance: IEEE compliance for the WCAG 2.0 Level A and Section 508 (16/7/15)


COUNTER reports 1-5 are available, and additional reports for IEEE Conferences, Standards and eBooks. Usage reports are available via:  An account is created for each new subscription. (16/7/15)

COUNTER-compliant usage reports. (24/1/06) IEEE is pleased to announce that COUNTER-compliant usage reports will be available soon. Usage statistics for all IEEE online subscription packages for January 2006 forward will be delivered on a new COUNTER-compliant website. IEEE has hired a third-party vendor, MPS/IBM, to provide COUNTER-compliant reporting. MPS/IBM will manage the service and host the COUNTER reports which will be available through an improved online interface.
The same username and password that allows you access the existing IEEE usage site at will authenticate you at the new site.  The URL and additional information will be sent to you in February when the first COUNTER-compliant statistics are available. IEEE has posted December 2005 usage reports at This will be our final update to this site, however IEEE will continue to maintain the site throughout 2006. 
IEEE Online Usage Reports

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members-only documents may be viewed form the display at the end of this page.

IEEE IEL Archive 2015 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 17/7/15) [Members only]
(IEEE Journals Archive; Bell Labs Technical Journal)

IEEE Additional Content 2015 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 17/7/15) [Members only]
(IBM Journal of Research and Development; MIT Press Journals Computing and Engineering Collection; IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library; MIT Press eBooks; English for Engineering; E-learning Library; Smart Grid Research bundles; Open Access program)

IEEE IEL 2015-16 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 15/7/15) [Members only]

IEEE IEL New Subscribers 2014-15 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 28/5/14) [Members only]
see also spreadsheet - IEEE IEL 2013-17 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 5/4/13) [Members only]

IEEE Educational Courses 2013 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 19/9/13) [Members only]
Includes IEEE English for Engineering and IEEE eLearning Library

IEEE eBooks 2013 pricing for CAUL (MIT Press eBooks Library – Computing and Engineering Collection; IEEE Wiley eBooks Library) (via EBSCO, 9/8/13) [Members only]
including frontlist pricing for 2013-2016

IEEE Journals 2013 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 19/7/13)  [Members only]
Includes IBM Journal of Research and Development; Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics; N.B. Tsinghua Science and Technology is now open access

IEEE IEL New Subscribers 2013-14 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 19/7/13) [Members only]

IEEE IEL 2013-17 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 5/4/13) [Members only]

IEEE English for Engineering 2012 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 23/10/12) [Members only]

MIT Press eBooks Library – Computing and Engineering Collection 2013 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 7/10/12 [Members only]

IEEE eLearning Library 2012 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 19/4/12) [Members only]

IEEE IEL 2012-13 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 18/4/12)  [Members only]
Includes Tsinghua Science and Technology; Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics; IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library; IBM Journal of Research and Development; Option to Add IEEE Draft Standards to IEL;

IEEE Wiley eBooks 2011 pricing for CAUL, including frontlist pricing for 2012-2014 (via EBSCO, 6/10/11) [Members only]

IEEE IEL 2011-12 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 11/3/11) [Members only]

IEEE eLearning Library 2011 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 9/3/11) [Members only

IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) 2010/11 pricing for CAUL (via EBSCO, 3/3/10) [Members only

IEEE Expert Now 2009 offer to CAUL (29/9/08) [Members only]

IEEE Draft Standards Online Package offer to CAUL for 2008/2009 (16/5/08) [Members only]

IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) offer for new & renewing CAUL subscribers for 2009-2010, includes Draft Standards Online (via EBSCO, 5/4/09)  [Members only]

IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) offer for new CAUL subscribers for 2008-2009 (via EBSCO, 7/5/08) [Members only]
This file includes the price increase for existing IEL subscribers (Tier 1) for the upcoming 2008/9 period. (31/3/08)
2007–2008 CAUL / CONZUL CONSORTIUM PRICING: IEEE XPLORE - IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) ONLINE (via IHS, 19/6/07)  [Members only]
2006–2007 CAUL / CONZUL Consortium Pricing: IEEE XPLORE - IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL) ONLINE (via IHS, 6/6/06)  [Members only]
IEEE CAUL pricing for 2005-2006 (via IHS, 26/5/05)  [Members only]
IEEE subscribers (23) at 18/5/05.
IEEE CAUL pricing for 2004-2005 (via IHS)  [Members only]
List of 21 current subscribers at 29/4/04.
IEEE Xplore CAUL pricing for 2003-2004 (via IHS). Includes list of 18 current subscribers at 10/4/03. [Members only]
IEEE Xplore CAUL pricing for 2002-2003 (via IHS). Includes list of 13 current subscribers to 30 June 2002.  [Members only]
(Expressions of interest & renewals received for post 30 June 2002)
IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL) - Comprehensive, Highly Cited Information in EE, Computing and more...  Presentation by Joseph Dillon, Director of Sales Administration, IEEE at Monash University, November, 2003.  [Members only]
Proceedings of the IEEE Seminars held November, 2003 at various Australian & New Zealand universities.  [Members only]