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From 15 June, 2007, the Australian Financial Review will no longer be available from NewsBank.

NEWS: From 15 June, 2007, the Australian Financial Review will no longer be available from NewsBank. (from Fairfax, 4/4/07): Fairfax has not provided any permission that would enable NewsBank to distribute our content in any form. We have raised the issue with NewsBank and will be following up the issue with NewsStand.

(from NewsBank, 17/11/06)

(from NewsBank, 17/11/06): "Under a joint distribution program, NewsBank partners with NewsStand to deliver AFR image eEdition. NewsBank has rights to sell AFR in the ANZ region under this partnership. The current AFR contract is with NewsStand. There has been no advice that the rights will end. NewsBank is aware of the recent changes with some AFR business content providers, and in the event of a change during 2007 subscription, NewsBank would be prepared to compensate customers."

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to Fairfax Publications. John Fairfax Holdings Limited, Fairfax Media Limited.


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Fairfax newspapers and magazines have always been in high demand by Australian universities.  Their access has been difficult to arrange over the years, because the company chooses different vendors from time to time, and those vendors have different access to the current news, and the news archive.  This page is the latest information we have on information providers for Fairfax newspapers.

To meet the learning, research and teaching requirements of faculty and students alike, afr.com Search will enable users to search, view and print across an identified IP range--meaning no user name or password required.  This service will provide access to full text articles and proprietary content available via afr.com--with news, commentary and analysis.  Pricing is based on the total student population of the university and is not based upon population of FTE across individual faculties.  (12/9/08)

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 Members can link to the following from the documents display below.

afr.com Search.
Titles list (19/3/09)
AFR agreement and pricing schedule 2009 (11/3/09, awaiting some clarification of the pricing schedule) with covering letter (6/3/09)

Sydney Morning Herald 1955-1990 Digital Archive.
Update 8/4/09: In response to the overwhelming demand from schools, organisations and libraries, Fairfax is going to continue to offer the SMH Archives to our customers into the future. Furthermore, we have reduced the subscription prices and simplified the product options.
The cost of subscriptions has also been reviewed and the new simplified cost structure is as follows:
Subscription 1:  1 Year Subscription – up to 10 concurrent Users: $1,400 +GST
Subscription 2:  1 Year Subscription – Unlimited Users: $1,900 +GST
In terms of customer and technical support, please feel free to communicate direct with our online technology partner – Smedia Pty Ltd.
For any questions regarding existing subscriptions and/or renewals please contact:
Tony Yegles support@smedia.com.au  +613-982-777-97 Phone  +613-982-777-92 Fax
Alternatively you can contact Pippa Howes at +613-982-777-97 Phone and accounts@smedia.com.au
4/11/08: Google will be hosting the SMH Archive to the public, free of charge, as of early next year although a launch date is yet to be confirmed. We expect that the archive will be uploaded to Google in a series of stages and that the entire archive won't be available on the site until April or May 2009. We're currently offering new and renewed subscriptions for up to 6-months although this period and the corresponding rate will obviously be reduced as we near April.  Until then, pricing will be pro-rated according to the 2008 pricing.

2008 Pricing for CAUL (5/9/07)
Proposal to CAUL (10/4/07) [Note: offer available to all CEIRC, but the FTE-based option is only available to academic institutions]
Pricing Options (10/4/07)
Fairfax Digital Archives Subscriber Agreement and schedule (13/6/07) (Fax to +61 2 9282 1725)

News Store allows you to search Fairfax publications and ASX company announcements from 1990 to today. It's free to search, however a small charge applies if you want to view the full text of an article. (2/11/04)
Update (10/4/07): Fairfax Business Media articles are no longer be available on News Store. They have been relocated to afr.com. This includes: The Australian Financial Review, AFR Magazine, BOSS, BRW, AFR Smart Investor, CFO, MIS and Asset magazine.

Fairfax Print Publications
AFR (Australian Financial Review)
The Age
SMH (Sydney Morning Herald)
BRW (Busines Review Weekly)
Personal Investor

Factiva selected as Fairfax’s preferred international information services vendor. Media Release July 2, 2004.

ProQuest Holdings (7/7/04)
.... the status of Fairfax publications and ProQuest databases. .... ProQuest hold and retain the rights to distribution of key Fairfax titles including:

The Age; Melbourne
The Sunday Age; Melbourne
The Sydney Morning Herald; Sydney
The Sun Herald; Sydney
The Illawarra Mercury; Wollongong
The Newcastle Herald; Newcastle
The Central Coast Herald; Gosford

.... do not have the rights for the FBM content, which includes the AFR, BRW, Shares and Investor Magazines.
Full title list in ANZ NewsStand.
.... have rights for all library markets including government libraries, academic libraries etc.
This is part of a multi-year agreement with Fairfax with multiple years left to run.
.... currently have a 3 year backfile, .... in the process of extending.

Electric Library Australasia Holdings (8/7/04)
Electric Library/eLibrary, a ProQuest product mostly pitched at schools, also has the Age and the SMH online from 1996 onwards. They also have at least some News Limited papers (eg Australian, Herald-Sun, Courier Mail, Advertiser) from 1995 onwards. (posted by David Groenewegen, 2/11/04)

Lexis Nexis Holdings (7/7/04)
.... a copy of the letter ... have recently sent to all LNAcademic (news) subscribers regarding Fairfax's decision to withdraw their content from our service. .... to answer a few of the questions/concerns .... asked by subscribers...
1. Fairfax has withdrawn their content at their discretion. [Lexis Nexis] have not influenced their decisions ....
2. .... continued our normal negotiations with Fairfax .... up until late last week. We were not privy to other negotiations with Factiva for exclusivity.
3. A deal .... has been signed with Factiva for exclusivity.
4. .... trying to find a solution for this loss of content. .... currently looking at another method of supply for AFR, but SMH and the Age will no longer be available after July 31st.