American Physiological Society (APS) Thursday, 2 January 2014

Springer to publish APS ebooks

Springer has signed a book partnership agreement with the American Physiological Society (APS) to publish titles in three APS book series as well as individual monographs and contributed volumes. New York / Heidelberg, 8 August 2011

Springer signs book agreement with the American Physiological Society

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AmPhysiolSoc 2014 quote for CAUL (via iGroup, 13/12/13) [Members only]
AmPhysiolSoc 2014 pricing for CAUL (via iGroup, 13/12/13) [Members only]

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AmPhysiolSoc 2013 pricing for CAUL (via iGroup, 9/10/12) [Members only]

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AmPhysiolSoc 2012 pricing for CAUL (via iGroup, 28/10/11) [Members only]

2012 subscription rates and tier definitions (28/10/11)

AmPhysiolSoc 2011 pricing for CAUL (via iGroup, 14/9/10, updated 24/9/10) [Members only

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AmPhysiolSoc 2009 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup 15/8/08) [Members only

AmPhysiolSoc Quotation spreadsheet for current subscribers (15/8/08) [Members only

AmPhysiolSoc 2008 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup 29/10/07) [Members only

2008 subscription rates (29/10/07)

Am.Physiol.Soc. Quotation spreadsheet for current subscribers (29/10/07) [Members only

Am.Physiol.Soc. 2007 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup 12/7/06) [Members only

Am.Physiol.Soc. Quotation spreadsheet for Current CAUL subscribers, Non-CAUL subscribers and Full Package holders (12/7/06) [Members only

Am.Physiol.Soc. 2006 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup 11/8/05) [Members only

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