2016 offers to CAUL/CEIRC Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Date of
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Trials available; Expressions 
of interest, etc
5/9/16 Credo Reference Academic Core Collection; Academic 100 Collection; Topic Pages eoi 16/9/16;
renewals 30/9/16
5/9/16 BioOne BioOne.1; BioOne.2; BioOne Complete (both collections) eoi 16/9/16;
renewals 30/9/16
2/9/16 Eurofield Information Solutions AAAS (Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Online) eoi 16/9/16;
renewals 30/9/16
2/9/16 (updated 12/11/16) William S. Hein HeinOnline Academic Core Collection
HeinOnline A-La-Cartes (e.g. Foreign & International law Resources Database (FILRD), Philip C. Jessup Library etc); Provincial Statutes of Canada
eoi 16/9/16;
renewals 30/9/16
2/9/16 Informit Informit CAUL Premium Package; Informit CAUL Basic Package
Informit CONZUL Complete Package; Informit CONZUL Pick & Choose Package
Business Collection; Engineering Collection; TVNews; EduTV; Literature and Culture Collection Backfile
closes 30/11/16;
contact Informit
1/9/16 Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) CAS SciFinder Scholar 2015-2017 renewals 28/9/16
31/8/16 Brill Reference Works Online Reference Works, Bibliographies, Dictionaries and Primary Sources available in these disciplines:
African Studies; American Studies; Art and Architecture; Asian Studies; Biblical and Christian Studies; Classical Studies; Cultural Studies; European History and Culture; International Law and Human Rights; International Relations and Political Science; Jewish and Hebrew Studies; Language and Linguistics; Latin American Studies; Middle East and Islamic Studies; Religious Studies; Russian and Slavic Studies; Social Sciences
valid 30/11/16;
contact Bezi
26/8/16 IGI Global InfoSci Journals; InfoSci Books; InfoSci-Subject Databases; InfoSci Videos closes 31/3/17;
contact EBSCO
26/8/16 Chronicle of Higher Education The Chronicle of Higher Education; Domain access to CHE
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
eoi 8/9/16;
renewals 22/9/16
26/8/16 IMF (International Monetary Fund) IMF eLibrary Complete Online eoi 8/9/16;
renewals 22/9/16
25/8/16 Mary Ann Liebert Inc Liebert Online Journal Package; Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (E-GEN); Back Content Fee; New titles eoi 8/9/16;
renewals 22/9/16
24/8/16 Walter de Gruyter Publishers De Gruyter eBook Packages closes 30/11/16;
contact Bezi
24/8/16 Brill eBooks Brill eBook Collections
- 12 subject collections
Brill Special eBook Collections; Complete Humanities and Social Sciences eBook Collection; Complete International Law and Human Rights eBook Collection; ‘Pick and Choose’ eBook Collections
closes 30/11/16;
contact Bezi
24/8/16 JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments JoVE Behavior; JoVE Bioengineering; JoVE Biology; JoVE Chemistry; JoVE Developmental Biology; JoVE Engineering; JoVE Environment; JoVE Immunology & Infection; JoVE Medicine; JoVE Neuroscience; Science Education Videos SE1-SE20 contact JoVE
17/8/16 Alexander Street Collections are available in these disciplines:
Anthropology; Anthropology, Australian Studies; Art, Architecture; Australian Studies; Business; Counseling and Therapy; Criminal Justice; Drama; Education; Engineering; Environment; Film and Documentary; Health Sciences; History; Latin America; Letters and Diaries; LGBT and Gender Studies; Literature; Media, Journalism, Politics; Multidisciplinary; Music and Dance; Psychology; Social Sciences; Theatre; Theology; Women and Gender Studies
valid to 31/12/16;
contact Alexander Street
16/8/16 Thorpe-Bowker (a ProQuest affiliate) Books in Print - Global Edition
Book Display Widget
eoi 30/8/16;
renewals 13/9/16
15/8/16 American Psychological Association (APA) PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, PsycBOOKS, PsycEXTRA, PsycCRITIQUES, PsycTESTS, PsycTHERAPY, APA Books E-Collections, APA Handbooks in Psychology Series eoi 29/8/16;
renewals 12/9/16
9/8/16 Royal Society Publishing Royal Society Journals - Package S
Royal Society Digital Journal Archive
eoi 23/8/16;
renewals 6/9/16
5/8/16 Britannica Digital Learning Britannica Academic
Britannica Image Quest
Britannica Pathways: Science
trials available to 1/12/16 (updated 20/9/16);
eoi 19/8/16;
renewals 2/9/16
5/8/16 Macquarie Dictionary Publishers Macquarie Dictionary Online
Macquarie Dictionary Online & Thesaurus
eoi 19/8/16;
renewals 2/9/16
4/8/16 University of Chicago Press CMOS, the Chicago Manual of Style
Scientific Style of Format (SSF)
eoi 17/8/16;
renewals 31/8/16
4/8/16 Portland Press Portland Press Online Journals Package
Biochemical Society Archive Collections
eoi 17/8/16;
renewals 31/8/16
4/8/16 Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) MarinLit Database contact RSC
4/8/16 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC); Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (MCP); Journal of Lipid Research (JLR) eoi 17/8/16;
renewals 31/8/16
3/8/16 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Radiology; RadioGraphics; Radiology Legacy eoi 17/8/16;
renewals 31/8/16
29/7/16 Morningstar DatAnalysis Premium eoi 11/8/16;
renewals 25/8/16
29/7/16 Digital Science Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) closes 31/10/16;
contact Digital Science
28/7/16 Rock's Backpages Rock's Backpages Library eoi 11/8/16;
renewals 25/8/16
15/7/16 American Medical Association The JAMA Network eoi 29/7/16;
renewals 12/8/16
15/7/16 Annual Reviews Sciences Collection (various sizes); Life Sciences Collection; Biomedical Collection; Economics Collection; Sciences Electronic Back Volume Collection (Archive) eoi 28/7/16;
renewals 11/8/16
15/7/16 Project MUSE Premium Collection; Standard Collection; Basic Research Collection; Basic College Collection; Humanities Collection; Social Sciences Collection; Subject Collections eoi 28/7/16;
renewals 11/8/16
31/5/16 ClickView Australia Pty Ltd 24-7 Cloud (+ Workspace)
The Exchange (Archive, AU/NZ) 
valid to 30/6/16;
contact ClickView
24/5/16 (updated 10/6/16) American Psychological Association (APA) APA Style CENTRAL eoi 19/8/16 
12/5/16 The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) IET.tv contact IET
12/5/16 IEEE IEEE IEL - new subscribers orders by 10/6/16;
contact EBSCO
11/5/16 Casalini Libri EIO - Editoria Italiana Online; EEO - Edición Española Online; Publisher Collections contact Casalini Libri
11/5/16 Project MUSE eBook Collections Project MUSE eBook Collections:
Complete Collections; Subject Collections; Area Studies Collections; Series Collections
valid to 31/12/16
3/5/16 Adam Matthew Digital Adam Matthew Digital Collections contact Adam Matthew
29/4/16 Columbia University Press Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) eoi 13/5/16;
renewals 27/5/16
31/3/16 Springer Zentralblatt für Mathematik - Mathematics Abstracts contact Springer/Macmillan
29/3/16 Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP) eBooks
JSAP & Turpion Archives
contact IOP
12/3/16 Springer Springer eJournals Contemporary File (1997 - current) eoi 21/3/16;
renewals 21/3/16
27/2/16 BioCentury Publications BioCentury Innovations (formerly SciBX) eoi 7/3/16;
renewals 7/3/16