2009-2011 offers to CAUL/CEIRC Saturday, 12 March 2016

 When revised offers from these publishers are received, the older offer is deleted from this page. 

13/12/11 SAGE SAGE Knowledge (ebook Collections) trials available;
eoi 31/1/12;
early bird discount 30/6/12
13/12/11 SAGE SAGE Reference Online (SRO) 
Handbook Collection
Encyclopedia Collection
trials available;
13/12/11 SAGE SAGE Deep Backfiles trials available;
18/11/11 University of California Press University of California Press Journals

trials available;
eoi 22/11/11;
closes 9/12/11

16/11/11 Springer Lecture Notes Series
• Lecture Notes in Computer Science
• Lecture Notes in Mathematics
• Lecture Notes in Physics

trials available;
valid 31/12/11;

contact DA

9/11/11 TimeBase Justis Series
Canada Law Book BestCase
LawNet Singapore Database
LawOne with Cases
TimeBase ASX Listing Point–in-Time

trials available;
valid to 30/6/12;
contact TimeBase

3/11/11 ACSESS - Alliance of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Societies ACSESS Journals Package trials available;
eoi 9/11/11;
1/11/11 Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
an imprint of Brill
Martinus Nijhoff E-Books Collections
- International Law
- Human Rights/Humanitarian Law

trials available;
valid 31/12/11;

contact DA

24/10/11 HCN (Health Communications Network) TOXINZ

trials available;
eoi 31/10/11;
renewals 31/10/11;
closes 30/11/11

21/10/11 Lexis Nexis LexisNexis Practical Guidance trials available;
eoi 28/10/11;
closes 14/11/11
21/10/11 Begell House Begell Digital Library plus Archive
Engineering Research Collection plus Archive
Biological Sciences Research Collection plus Archive
trials available;
eoi 28/10/11;
renewals 31/10/11;
18/10/11 Mintel Mintel Oxygen
Mintel Global Market Navigator
Mintel GNPD
trials available;
16/10/11 Informa Healthcare Informa Healthcare Journal Archive 

closes 22/12/11;
contact IHC

14/10/11 Bureau van Dijk Mint Global contact BvD
13/10/11 OCLC FirstSearch
(former Research Libraries Group (RLG) databases)
Anthropology Plus
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
CAMIO™—Catalog of Art Museum Images Online
trials available;
eoi 20/10/11;
renewals 27/10/11;
6/10/11 Knowledge International (NKI)  NKI Nursing eBooks trials available;
eoi 17/10/11;
closes 30/11/11
3/10/11 Intersentia Intersentia eBooks trials available;
eoi 17/10/11;
closes 30/11/11
3/10/11 CABI CABI Global Health trials available;
eoi 17/10/11;
3/10/11 American Geophysical Union (AGU) AGU Journals

trials available;
eoi 10/10/11;
renewals 17/10/11;
closes 30/11/11

30/9/11 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ASME Journals Package 2 Archive trials available;
eoi 7/10/11;

29/9/11 Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) - U.S. Department of Energy LandScan™ trials available;
eoi 10/10/11
25/9/11 IOS Press IOS Press Journals 
IOS Press eBooks
trials available;
24/9/11 Primal Pictures Anatomy & Physiology Online

discount to 30/9/11;
contact Ovid;
closes 15/12/11

24/9/11 PMPH - USA (People's Medical Publishing House)

Complete Book Collection
Dentistry Collection 

Ear, Nose and Throat Collection
Surgery Collection 

discount to 30/9/11;
contact Ovid;
closes 15/12/11

24/9/11 Hodder Arnold Nursing Skills eBook Collection 

discount to 30/9/11;
contact Ovid;
closes 15/12/11

24/9/11 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins LWW@Ovid100 Collection
LWW Premium Electronic Nursing Journals
contact Ovid
closes 31/12/11
23/9/11 Berghahn Books Berghahn eBooks Collection trials available;
eoi 7/10/11;
closes 30/11/11
23/9/11 SAGE, for Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) IMechE Journals Collection (18 titles)
Proceedings of IMechE package (16 titles)
IMechE Proceeding Archives 1847 - 1996
trials available;
eoi 7/10/11;
1/9/11 Bloomberg Bloomberg Professional trials available;
valid to 31/12/11;
contact Bloomberg
25/8/11 Plunkett Research Plunkett Research Online trials available;
eoi 10/9/11;
incentives until 30/9/11
2/8/11 William S. Hein Spinelli’s Law Librarian’s Reference Shelf
Spinelli’s PLUS Electronic GreenSlips
trials available;
eoi 19/8/11;
13/7/11 Mergent, Inc Mergent Online
Mergent Active 
Mergent Annual Reports
Mergent Industry Reports
Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD)
trials available; 
contact Mergent;
29/6/11 DRAM DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music) trials available; 
discount closes 31/8/11;
contact DRAM;
29/6/11 Lawlex Lawlex Legislation Alert & Premium Research Service
Lawlex Regulatory Newsfeeds
trials available; 
valid from 1/7/11;
contact SAI Global;
28/6/11 East View Information Services Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Collection (KMAR)
Kotobarabia eBook Library (KAEL) 
trials available;
eoi 10/7/11;
closes 31/10/11
23/6/11 ABC-CLIO Praeger Business & Economics ebooks package
Praeger Security International ebooks package
and other collections
Praeger Security International Online
and other databases
trials available;
eoi 13/7/11;
15/6/11 IHS Global Insight IHS Global Insight (Economic Analytics Data for Academics & Advanced Country Analysis and Forecasts) trials available;
eoi 30/6/11;
pricing valid to 31/12/12
24/5/11 William S. Hein Hague Academy of Collected Courses (HACCO) 
History of International Law Collection
trials available;
eoi 15/6/11;
19/5/11 East View Information Services Russian Archives Collection trials available;
eoi 31/5/11;
discounts to 31/7/11 and 31/10/11
3/5/11 American Chemical Society (ACS) Legacy Archive
Symposium Series Archive

offer closes 30/6/11;
contact iGroup directly

12/4/11 Currency House Platform Papers contact Currency House directly
9/3/11 HCN (Health Communication Network) (distributor) Natural Standard trials available;
eoi 27/3/11;
closes 31/12/11
9/3/11 Karnac Books Karnac eBooks trials available;
eoi 27/3/11;
closes 30/6/11
8/3/11 Wanfang Data® Online Chinese Studies Online (CSO) et al eoi requested before follow up by CAUL 
7/3/11 Taylor and Francis Taylor & Francis Group Journals
SSH Library
S&T Library
Full Library
trials available;
eoi 20/3/11;
closes 31/12/11
7/3/11 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) ASM ebooks trials available;
eoi 20/3/11;
closes 30/6/11
6/3/11 Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) eBooks trials available;
eoi 20/3/11;
closes 30/6/11
6/3/11 NIAS (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies)  NIAS ebooks collection trials available;
eoi 20/3/11;
closes 30/6/11
25/1/11 Datamonitor360 Datamonitor Premium; MarketLine;
Business Insights;  Product Launch Analytics;
Global Retail Database; Life Science Analytics;
Access Asia

trials available;
closes 31/7/11;
contact Datamonitor360

31/10/10 Taylor and Francis Taylor & Francis eBooks trials available
eoi 15/11/10
22/10/10 Hart Publishing Hart Publishing E-Books trials available;
eoi 29/10/10;
closes 30/11/10
15/10/10 Industrial Press Industrial Press eBooks trials available;
eoi 22/10/10;
closes 31/12/10
14/10/10 Maruzen Koseisha Database eoi 28/10/10;
13/10/10 IWA Publishing Water Intelligence Online: An Online Water, Wastewater and Environmental Reference Library trials available;
eoi 20/10/10;
closes 30/11/10
13/10/10 American Institute of Physics
American Physical Society
APS Physics Today Archive  eoi 15/10/10;
11/10/10 Swets SwetsWise Electronic Resource Management, combining 
SwetsWise eSource Manager, 
SwetsWise Selection Support and 
SwetsWise Title Bank

trials available;
closes 30/12/10;
contact Swets

5/10/10 Palgrave Macmillan The UK National Statistics Collection 
   - Office of National Statistics
trials available;
eoi 11/10/10;
renewals 14/10/10;
closes 30/11/10
3/10/10 Palgrave Macmillan Statesman’s Yearbook
The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics 
International Handbook of Universities 
trials available;
eoi 11/4/10;
renewals 14/10/10;
30/9/10 SAGE SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) trials available;
eoi 12/10/10;
early discount 15/12/10 
30/9/10 SAGE SAGE Premier Collection
Humanities & Social Science Collection
STM Collection
Heath Sciences/Nursing Collection
Clinical Medicine Collection
trials available;
eoi 7/10/10;
renewals 14/10/10
29/9/10 SpringerMaterials SpringerMaterials trials available to 31/10/10;
eoi 12/10/10;
29/9/10 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) ASHP ebooks trials available;
eoi 6/10/10;
closes 30/11/10 
28/9/10 HCN (Health Communication Network) (distributor) Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook (AIDH Online); 
Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH);
AusDI Advanced (Australian Drug Information);  

AMH Drug Choice Companion Online: Aged Care;
Childrens Hospital at Westmead Handbook (not included for 2009);
iECG (Interactive ECG);  ISABEL;
Medical Officers Handbook; MedicinesComplete; 
Murtaghs General Practice Series Online;
Micromedex (Multiple titles);
Paediatric Pharmacopoeia [New]
StatREF TextBook Series (Multiple titles)
Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG Complete)
trials available;
eoi 5/10/10;
renewals 12/10/10
27/9/10 PMPH - USA (People's Medical Publishing House)  PMPH-USA ebooks trials available;
eoi 5/10/10;
14/9/10 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ASME Conference Proceedings eoi 21/9/10;
closes 30/6/11
14/9/10 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ASME eBooks eoi 21/9/10;
closes 31/12/10
1/9/10 Pier Professional Complete Health & Social Care Collection
Learning Disability Collection
Mental Health Collection
Crime/Forensic Collection
Ageing Collection
trials available;
eoi 11/9/10;
27/8/10 ebrary ebrary Academic Complete trials available;
eoi 6/9/10;
18/8/10 HCPro HCPro Nursing Books

trials available
eoi 31/8/10;

closes 31/12/10 

17/8/10 Paratext Reference Universe
19th Century Masterfile
Public Documents Masterfile
trials available;
contact Paratext
12/8/10 Pharmaceutical Press (Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) MedicinesComplete
Pharmaceutical Press Journals

trials available;
contact Swets

4/8/10 Warner Books Infobase Publishing eBooks trial available to 2/9/10;
Contact Warner Books
13/5/10 Multi-Science Publishing Special 2011 Journals Package  eoi 13/6/10
28/4/10 CSIRO Publishing CSIRO Publishing eBooks trials available 
eoi 12/5/10
discount closes 30/6/10
American Psychiatric Publishing American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc (APPI) ebook Collection  eoi 14/4/10
closes 30/12/10
23/3/10 CABI CABI Reference Books contact Ovid
closes 15/12/10
23/3/10 Jones and Bartlett Publishers Patient Education Collection
Patient Education Premier Collection
contact Ovid
closes 15/12/10
early discount 31/3/10
reduced discount 30/6/10
23/3/10 Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) RSC Master Book Collection
RSC Biomolecular Chemistry Book Collection
contact Ovid
closes 15/12/10
early discount 31/3/10
reduced discount 30/6/10
23/3/10 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins Nursing Skills Collection (includes 
The Incredibly Visual! quick reference books
Disease & Drug Consult handbooks
Facts Made Incredibly Quick series)
contact Ovid
closes 15/12/10
early discount 31/3/10
reduced discount 30/6/10
23/3/10 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery (MTOS) Series contact Ovid
closes 15/12/10
early discount 31/3/10
reduced discount 30/6/10
23/3/10 A&C Black eBooks Collection
Blacks Medical Dictionary 
Dictionary of Nursing 
Black's Veterinary Dictionary 
The Sports Injuries Handbook 
The Complete Guide to Abdominal Training
contact Ovid
closes 15/12/10
3/3/10 Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing Zephyr eoi 17/3/10
early discount 30/6/10
reduced discount 30/9/10
22/2/10 Oxford Economics Country Economic Forecasts 
Global Forecast Databank: Economics Module 
eoi 10/3/10
17/2/10 Berg Publishers Berg Fashion Library (launches May, 2010, distributed by OUP) eoi 7/3/10
16/2/10 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) ebook Collection trials available
eoi 7/3/10
still available 4/8/10
25/11/09 Wessex Institute of Technology WIT Press e-book collection trials available
eoi 2/12/09;
closes 31/12/09
17/11/09 RMIT Publishing Meanjin Archive eoi 30/11/09;
earlybird 15/1/10
30/10/09 EBSCO Publishing EBSCO MegaFile Complete
EBSCO MegaFile Premier
EBSCO MegaFile
trials available
eoi 9/11/09;
renewals 13/11/09
29/10/09 Geological Society of America GSA Online Journals trials available
eoi 9/11/09
16/10/09 Intellect Publishing Arts and Creative Media Collection trials available; 
eoi 23/10/09;
renewals 28/10/09
30/9/09 Springer Springer 2010 eBooks Collection 
(incorporating all Lecture Notes Series)
trials available; 
eoi 6/10/09;
closes 30/11/09
15/9/09 Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators eoi 28/9/09;
renewals 15/10/09
closes 31/10/09
15/9/09 CABI CAB eBooks trials available;
eoi 21/9/09;
renewals 28/9/0
valid to 30/9/10
14/9/09 Wiley-Blackwell New Combined Wiley-Blackwell Backfile Collections
Wiley-Blackwell Individual Journal Backfiles
valid to 31/12/09
12/9/09 Coutts Information Services MyiLibrary Collections 
Wiley 2008-2009 content
Elsevier  2006 content and older
Continuum Press 
Guilford collection
ALPSP eBook Collections
IGO (Inter Governmental Organizations) ILO, WHO, etc
Medical - 8 subject sets
Essential Collections - 23 Collections
trials available; 
eoi 21/9/09;
closes 15/11/09
11/9/09 British Psychological Society BPS Journals Collection trials available; 
eoi 17/9/09;
renewals 28/9/09
4/9/09 American Association of Law Libraries Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) trials available; 
eoi 12/9/09;
renewals 24/9/09


Date of
(link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions 
of interest, etc
4/9/09 London School of Economics IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences) trials available;
eoi 12/9/09;
renewals 24/9/09
29/8/09 CRC Press CRCnetBASE Products trials available; 
eoi 7/9/09;
renewals 24/9/09
closes 30/11/09
29/8/09 Monash University ePress eJournals trials available; 
eoi 7/9/09;
renewals 17/9/09
closes 30/9/09
29/8/09 Monash University ePress eBooks trials available; 
eoi 7/9/09;
closes 30/9/09
19/8/09 Math Solutions Maths Solutions e-book Collection trials available; 
eoi 31/8/09;
closes 31/10/09
14/8/09 Walter de Gruyter Publishers de Gruyter Journal Archive trials available; 
eoi 25/8/09; 
11/8/09 Shanghai Library National Index to Chinese Newspapers ? Periodicals (NICNP)  trials available; 
eoi 25/8/09; 
22/7/09 Edinburgh University Press EUP Journals Collections trials available; 
eoi 10/8/09; 
1/7/09 OneSource Global Business Browser: Asia Pacific: University Edition
Global Business Browser: G4
trials available
eoi 13/7/09
renewals 31/8/09
30/6/09 Inderscience Publishers Inderscience Online Journals eoi 13/7/09
29/6/09 Elsevier Health Sciences MDConsult eBooks packages eoi 13/7/09
Closes 31/8/09
21/5/09 American Heart Association (AHA) AHA Circulation Content Journal Collection trials available
eoi 2/6/09
closes 30/6/09
21/5/09 American Academy of Neurology Neurology Archive 1951-1994 trials available
eoi 2/6/09
closes 30/6/09
18/5/09 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins Doody's 2008 Core Collection - LWW titles
Doody's 2008 Essential Collection - LWW titles
Doody's 2008 All Reviewed Collection - LWW titles
trials available
eoi 29/5/09
closes 30/6/09
18/5/09 Clinical Publishing 'Atlas' Series
'The year in' Series
'Theraputic Strategies in' Series
'Problem Solving in' Series
trials available
eoi 29/5/09
closes 30/6/09
18/5/09 Jones and Bartlett Publishers  100 Questions ? Answers Series trials available
eoi 29/5/09
closes 30/6/09
18/5/09 MIDIRS MIDIRS Midwifery Digest trials available
eoi 29/5/09
closes 30/6/09
18/5/09 Ovid Technologies Midwifery package
MIDIRS Midwifery Digest
MIDIRS Informed Choice
Maternity and Infant Care
Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk 8e
Johns Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Manual of Obstetrics
Avery's Neonatology Pathophysiology and Management of the Newborn
trials available
eoi 29/5/09
closes 30/6/09


Date of
(? link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of interest, etc
1/5/09 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins Made Incredibly Easy Book Collection for Nurses trials available
eoi 14/5/09
offer closes 30/6/09
1/5/09 Ovid Technologies Nursing@Ovid Book Collections
Core Collection
Extended Core Collection
trials available
eoi 14/5/09
offer closes 30/6/09
1/5/09 EBSCO Publishing Publishing Opportunities Database trials available
eoi 14/5/09
offer closes 31/12/09
30/4/09 BBC News BBC Monitoring Library trials available
eoi 14/5/09
30/4/09 CountryWatch CountryWatch Premium
CW Forecast - Macroeconomics
CW Forecast - Global Energy Markets
trials available to 31/5/09
eoi 7/6/09
30/4/09 Kogan Page Kogan Page Ebook Collection  trials available
eoi 14/5/09
offer closes 30/6/09
27/3/09 ERA (Electronic Resources Australia) ABI/INFORM® Global 
Asian Business and Reference™ 
Australia ? New Zealand Newsstand
World Book Online Reference Center
Health ? Wellness Resource Center 
Health Reference Center Academic  [et al]
eoi 15/4/09
27/3/09 Brill Academic Publishers IDC Primary Sources Online Collections
Human Rights Documents Online (HRDO)
Hague Academy Collected Courses Online (HACCO)
trials available
eoi 10/4/09
earlybird discount 20/6/09
offer closes 25/9/09
26/2/09 Videotrain Bullseye
trials available
eoi 12/3/09
13/2/09 OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets (MARC records) call for comment 13/2/09
11/2/09 IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) formerly IEE IET Digital Library trials available
eoi 25/2/09
3/2/09 ArabiaInform ArabiaInform  trials available
eoi 17/2/09
14/11/08 CEPR
(Centre for Economic Policy Research)
CEPR Discussion Paper Series trials available
eoi 24/11/08
4/11/08 Fairfax Media Limited Sydney Morning Herald 1955-1994 Digital Archive  
20/10/08 ChineseAll ChineseAll ebooks trials available
eoi 29/10/08
earlybird discounts 31/3/09
10/10/08 Lexi-Comp  Lexi-Comp ONLINE
Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Dentistry
trials available
eoi 16/10/08
closes 31/12/08
2/10/08 OCLC OCLC WorldCat Collection Analysis trials available
eoi 9/10/08
1/10/08 Ovum Research and Advisory Services
IT Knowledge Center
Telecom Knowledge Center
trials available
eoi 6/10/08
renewals 17/10/08
29/9/08 IEEE Expert Now trials available
eoi 6/10/08
closes 15/12/08
24/9/08 Springer Chinese Library of Science
Russian Library of Science
Central European Library of Science
Current Medicine Group
Humana Press
Indian Library of Science
Transaction Publishers
trials available
eoi 7/10/08
closes 28/11/08
16/9/08 NetRead Books24x7:
IT Pro 
Business Pro 
Engineering Pro
Finance Pro
trials available
eoi 24/9/08
offer closes 31/1/09
updated 24/9/08
ProQuest ProQuest 5000 
ProQuest Central
Pick and Choose customised ProQuest collection 
Chronicle of Higher Education
Critical Mention 
CSA Illustrata Bundle
CSA Illustrata™: Technology [New]
CSA Illustrata™: Natural Sciences
Evidence Matters
Film Indexes Online including FIAF Plus Full Text
Literature Online 
MyiLibrary Medical
Newspapers Direct - Library Press Display
ProQuest Accounting and Tax with Standards 
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
ProQuest Entrepreneurship
Safari® Tech Books Online
Safari® Business Books Online
CSA Technology Research Database 
trials available
eoi 15/9/08
renewals 25/9/08
5/9/08 ProQuest COS Research Support Suite (RSS)
  Scholar Universe
  COS Funding Opportunities™
  Papers Invited
eoi 17/9/08
earlybird discounts 30/9/08, 30/11/08
closes 30/12/08
3/9/08 ALPSP ( Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers) ALPSP Learned Journal Collection (ALJC)
ALJC subject collections
Contact Swets directly
updated 29/10/08
SerialSSolutions Ulrichsweb.com
Ulrichs Serials Analysis System
Access and Management Service (AMS)
360 MARC Updates = Full MARC Records
360 MARC Updates - ebooks [new]
360 Link = Article Linker
360 Resource Manager = ERMS
360 Search = Central Search
360 Counter ? Data Retrieval Service [new]
trials available
eoi 5/9/08
renewals 25/9/08
closes 30/11/08