2008 offers to CAUL/CEIRC Thursday, 8 January 2015

 When revised offers from these publishers are received, the older offer is deleted from this page. 

Date of
(& link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of
interest, etc
20/8/08 Maruzen Package of journals from Japanese academic societies trials available
eoi 2/9/08
offer closes 28/11/08
7/8/08 CQ Press CQ e-journals
CQ collections
Political Reference Suite (e-books)
trials available
eoi 20/8/08
renewals 9/9/08
24/7/08 ABC-CLIO History Reference Online trials available
eoi 13/8/08
23/7/08 rarebooks.info rarebooks.info trials available 
eoi 8/8/08
21/7/08 Keesings Keesing’s World News Archive
Keesing’s Record of World Events
trials available 
renewals 30/8/08
eoi 8/8/08
offer closes 26/9/08
16/7/08 China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)  China Yearbook Fulltext database (CYFD)  ?
China Reference Works online (CRWO)
trials available 1-30/8/08
eoi 30/7/08
earlybird discount to 30/8/08
14/5/08 Kompass Kompass Australia trials available
eoi 30/5/08
12/5/08 Apabi Digital Library Chinese eBooks
Chinese eNewspapers
China Art Museum database
Chinese Yearbooks
China eReference database
trials available
eoi 30/5/08
offer closes 26/9/08
7/5/08 Warner Books Facts on File trials available
eoi 20/5/08
Date of
(? link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of 
interest, etc
24/11/07 The Public Library of Science (PLoS) The Public Library of Science (PLoS) eoi 30/11/07
12/11/07 Engineering Information (Ei) Ei’s  Referex – Engineering, Computing, Networking and Security Electronic  Books trials available
eoi 18/11/07
offer closes 31/12/07
25/10/07 OCLC OCLC WorldCat Dissertations and Theses renewals 15/11/07
trials available
eoi 1/11/07
offer closes 30/11/07
23/10/07 Taylor and Francis Taylor and Francis Encylopaedias (formerly Dekker) trials available
eoi 30/10/07
offer closes 14/12/07
19/10/07 SPIE SPIE Digital Library trials available
eoi 25/10/07
5/10/07 Business Monitor International Business Monitor Online trials available
eoi 10/10/07
28/9/07 Eurofield Information Solutions Macquarie Word Genius Reference Library  renewals 17/10/07
demonstrations available
eoi 5/10/07
27/9/07 Elsevier Science Nursing Consult trials available 1-31/10/07
4/9/07 Elsevier Science Mosby's Nursing Index trials available
eoi 17/9/07


Date of
(? link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of 
interest, etc
22/8/07 netLibrary NetLibrary eBooks – Patron Driven Acquisition Program offer closes 28/9/07
eoi 3/9/07
3/8/07 Current Medicine Group Current Reports
Current Treatment Options
renewals 3/9/07
trials available
eoi 20/8/07
24/7/07 Lexis Nexis Lexis Nexis Academic (LNA) eoi 6/8/07
renewals 29/8/07
23/7/07 ProQuest OxResearch;
ProQuest Historical Annual Reports;
ProQuest Historical Newspapers Collection;
Twentieth-Century Drama;  African Writers Series;
American Periodicals Series Online;
British Periodicals Collections I and II;
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers;
Periodicals Archive Online; Periodicals Index Online;
Chronicle of Higher Education
[plus other titles offered again in 2008]
renewals 29/8/07
eoi 6/8/07
offer closes 30/11/07
earlybird discount 31/8/07
19/7/07 Turpion Ltd Izvestiya: Mathematics
Physics - Uspekhi
Quantum Electronics
Russian Chemical Reviews
Russian Mathematical Surveys
Sbornik Mathematics
eoi 31/7/07
3/7/07 Engineering Information (Ei) Compendex Backfile trials available
eoi 17/7/07
offer closes 31/12/07
26/6/07 NewspaperDirect Australasia PressDisplay trials available
eoi 14/7/07
20/6/07 Economist Intelligence Unit EIU ViewsWire trial available to 1/9/07
eoi 15/8/07
8/5/07 Monash University ePress Monash Business Review trials available
eoi 17/5/07
offer closes 30/6/07
4/4/07 Taxpayers Australia Electronic Tax Summary 2006-07 Trials available
eoi 16/4/07
12/3/07 Faulkner Information Services FACCTS (Faulkner’s Advisory on Computer and Communications Technologies) Trials available
eoi 22/3/07
offer closes 16/11/07
12/2/07 The Religion and Technology Center  Migne's Patrologia eoi 1/3/07
9/2/07 Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks™ Series early adopter discount 31/3/07
Contact Wiley
17/1/07 Haworth Press Online Journal Collections eoi 28/2/07
2/1/07 SAI Global
(formerly Standards Australia)
Standards Online Premium Subscription Service 2007 CAUL pricing available
- contact SAI Global


Date of 
(& link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of 
interest, etc
tba (awaiting further info) Humana Press Humana Journals Master Collection
offer closes 31/10/06
tba (awaiting further info) Ovid Technologies ClinicalResource@Ovid early commitment offer 30/9/06
offer closes 30/11/06
13/11/06 ProQuest Early English Books Online (EEBO) offer closes 30/11/06
10/11/06 Blackwell Publishing Blackwell Reference Online (BRO)
Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology Online (BEOS)
trials available
eoi 20/11/06
BEOS discounts available to 31/1/07
Pricing valid to 31/3/07
1/11/06 NewsBank NewsBank Image e-Editions trials available
eoi 15/11/06
offer closes 8/12/06
20/10/06 Modern Language Association Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography renewals 15/11/06
eoi 25/10/06
offer closes 30/11/06
27/9/06 China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) China Academic Journals (CAJ)
China Core Newspapers (CCN) 
trial available
eoi 9/10/06
27/9/06 Wiley InterScience InfoPOEMs and InfoRetriever renewals 20/10/06
trial available
eoi 9/10/06
offer closes 31/12/06
6/9/06 Lippincott, Williams ? Wilkins Books@Ovid Resources in Medicine ? Allied Health trials available
eoi 15/9/06
offer closes 30/11/06
2/9/06 GIDEON GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease and EpidemiOlogy Network) renewals 30/9/06
trials available
eoi 15/9/06


Date of
(& link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of
interest, etc
21/8/06 Future Science Group Future Drugs
Future Medicine
trials available
eoi 31/8/06
26/7/06 Lexis Nexis LexisNexis Statistical trials available
eoi 8/8/06
25/7/06 Lexis Nexis LexisNexis Environmental trials available
eoi 8/8/06
19/6/06 Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing
PEP Archive Trials available
eoi 31/8/06
13/6/06 Thomson Legal Westlaw 2006 pricing available
19/4/06 EBSCO Literary Reference Center discouunts available to 15/6/06
contact EBSCO
19/4/06 Economist Intelligence Unit Executive Briefing trials available
eoi 28/4/06


Date of
(& link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of 
interest, etc
1/11/05 ProQuest Chadwyck-Healey's PCI ? PCI Full Text eoi 15/11/05
offer closes 15/12/05
14/10/05 Kluwer Online Kluwer Online Journals 2006 invoice details available
12/10/05 Taylor and Francis Digital Backfile Collections Contact TandF
12/10/05 Elsevier Science Back Files eoi 15/11/05
offer closes 15/12/05
6/10/05 ProQuest Digital Commons offer closes 15/11/05


Date of
(& link to CAUL web page)
Product/s Trial, Expressions of interest, etc
11/9/05 EBSCO SocINDEX™ with Full-text eoi 30/9/05
offer closes 18/11/05
25/8/05 Thieme Synlett ? Synthesis Backfile eoi 16/9/05
offer closes 22/12/05
10/8/05 Nauka/Interperiodica Russian Library of Science eoi 9/9/05
7/8/05 EBSCO AtoZ, LinkSource eoi 2/9/05
trials available
22/7/05 TDNet Link Manager
Holdings Management
OpenURL Resolver
Searcher Analyzer
trials available
eoi 5/8/05
21/6/05 STAT!Ref Various titles eoi 31/7/05
20/6/05 Global Insight Country Analysis and Forecast trials available
eoi 11/7/05
offer closes 30/9/05
25/5/05 Euromonitor PLC GMID Future Demographic Database eoi 10/6/05
4/2/05 MARC of Quality MARC Global eoi 28/2/05


Date of
(& link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of interest, etc
7/11/04 MDL Information Systems GmbH (via Elsevier Science) DiscoveryGate(sm) trials available
eoi 19/11/04
offer closes 31/12/04
25/10/04 CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (WPSA) trials available
eoi 19/11/04
offer closes 13/12/04
8/10/04 Thomson Legal ? Regulatory Taxpoint trials available
eoi 25/10/04
offer closes 14/12/04
29/9/04 International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Online Journals eoi 7/10/04
8/9/04 Rockefeller University Press The Journal of Cell Biology
The Journal of Experimental Medicine
The Journal of General Physiology
trials avaiable
eoi 29/9/04
offer closes 31/10/04
9/7/04 Readex Archive of Americana eoi 26/7/04
offer closes 30/9/04
16/6/04 Nikkei Telecom 21 Nikkei Telecom trial available
eoi 2/7/04
2/6/04 Kluwer Kluwer Online Reference Works trial available
eoi 16/6/04
offer closes 31/8/04


Date of notification
(? link to CAUL web page)
Trial, Expressions of interest, etc
25/5/04 Thomson ISI National Citation Report eoi 10/6/04
offer closes 30/9/04
6/5/04 Encyclopedia Britannica Original Sources
World Data Analyst
trials available to 30/6/04
18/4/04 PAIS PAIS International
PAIS Archive
trial available to 16/7/04
eoi 20/7/04
offer closes 30/11/04
2/12/03 Thomson - ISI JCRWeb (Journal Citation Reports) eoi 18/12/03
21/10/03 BIOSIS BIOSIS Previews backfile offer closed 15/12/03
subscription offer ongoing
upgrade offer 30/4/04
17/10/03 Thomson-ISI Current Contents renewals 31/10/03
8/10/03 Lippincott Williams ? Wilkins Lippincott Clinical Choice Collection trials available to 31/10/03
offer valid to 30/11/03
24/9/03 Cochrane Library Cochrane Library renewals 7/10/03
eoi 7/10/03
23/9/03 American Scientific Publishers Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ENN) eoi 24/10/03
18/8/03 Heron Publishing ARCHAEA 
Tree Physiology
trial available
eoi 31/8/03
4/7/03 Internet Securities, Inc. ISI Emerging Markets trial available
eoi 25/7/03
offer closes 20/9/02
30/6/03 American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) ASAE Technical Publications eoi 21/7/03
trial access available
18/6/03 World Markets Research Centre World Markets Analysis Services Trial available
eoi 30/6/03
20/5/03 International Political Science Association (IPSA) International Political Science Abstracts Trials available
closes 31/7/03
23/4/03 Reuters Reuters Business Insight
Datamonitor Business Information Centre
Trials available
eoi 7/5/03
4/4/03 CABI Online Communities:
eoi 25/4/03
closing date 31/5/03
trials available
19/3/03 Elsevier Science Backfiles Offer "One" offer closes 15/6/03
early bird pricing until 25/4/03
10/3/03 ISI WriteNote offer closes 30/5/03
eoi 24/3/03
trial available
20/2/03 IHS Global Industry Standards offer open until 31/12/03
29/1/03 CISTI Document Delivery;
CISTI Source
eoi 13/2/03


Date of notification Publisher
(? link to CAUL web page)
Product Trial, Expressions of interest, etc
24/10/02 IEE Inspec on Web of Knowledge offer available via ISI ? DA directly
10/10/02 CABI Publishing CABI Primary Journals eoi 25/10/02
8/10/02 Wiley InterScience E-Major Reference Works
Current Protocols Online
Online Books
Revised offer.
eoi 31/10/02
Offer closes 6/12/02
6/9/02 MIT Press STM Package
Architecture and Design Package
Arts Package
Current Affairs and Social Sciences Package
Complete Package
eoi 20/9/02
trials available
29/8/02 OCLC QuestionPoint offer extended to 29/11/02
18/8/02 Elsevier Science ScienceDirect, including migration from Academic Press IDEAL  
6/3/02 Macmillan Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan offer closes 29/3/02
15/8/01 CSA, CAB, Ovid, SilverPlatter Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts eoi in quote 31/8/01
7/8/01 IHS Australia AV-DATA - Aviation Regulatory Database trial 17/9/01-15/11/01
eoi 21/8/01
8/5/01 Dialog Kirk Othmer eoi 15/6/01
30/3/01 Macmillan Scientific America Archive trial available
offer closes 30/4/01
7/3/01 Brown University Women Writers Project Women Writers Online eoi 28/3/01
trial available
21/2/01 Lippincott Williams ? Wilkins LWWoncology.com trial available
discount in 2001
14/12/00 Political Research Associates Left Index eoi?
5/11/00 Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
  • Aerospace Database/High Technology
  • CSA Aquatic Sciences ? Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) Database 
  • CSA Biological Sciences Database w/MEDLINE ? TOXLINE
  • Computer Information ? Technology Collection
  • CSA Environmental Sciences ? Pollution Management Database
  • CSA Materials Science Collection with METADEX
  • CSA Social Sciences Collection
  • CSA Technology Collection w/NTIS
  • CSA Web Resources ? Recent References Database*  (Note: Complimentary)
  • CSA Administration Profile (Note: Complimentary)
closes 15/12/00
trial to 15/12/00
2/11/00 American Meteorological Society Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts (MGA) eoi
23/3/00 ERIC Document Reproduction Service E*Subscribe trial 21/3-30/6/00
eoi 21/7/00

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Survey of CAUL priorities for archival purchasing - 8 March 2004
Survey of CAUL priorities for 'national site licences' - 11 May 2001
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