Offers to CAUL/CEIRC for 2017 Thursday, 30 November 2017

The following table lists offers currently and previously available to CAUL/CEIRC members. 

For earlier offers, see links from the sidebar.  Only the most recent version of the offer is listed here, though will be available from the individual vendor's page.  See also offers under discussion - yet to be announced.

For vendors, please see the annual call for renewals information, together with an update of pertinent information about working with CEIRC and information for suppliers of CAUL/CEIRC (presentations to new vendors held biennially at the VALA conferences). 


Date of
(link to CAUL web page)
Trials available; Expressions 
of interest, etc
31/10/17 Australian Associated Press (AAP) (formerly Crown Content) Who's Who in Australia
Who's Who in Business in Australia
Margaret Gee Media Guide
Directory of Australian Associations
The Australian Local Government Guide
National Guide to Government
Who's Who of Australian Women
trials available;
contact AAP
17/7/17 Credo Reference Credo Reference Essentials Collections contact Credo
4/5/17 Springer Zentralblatt für Mathematik - Mathematics Abstracts contact Springer Nature
3/5/17 Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) RSC Gold
RSC Journals Pick and Mix
RSC Journal Archive
RSC eBooks
contact RSC
20/2/17 American Chemical Society (ACS) ACS Journals Web Editions Package (includes Chemical & Engineering News (CEN) and JCE (Journal of Chemical Education))
ACS Legacy Archive (lease or purchase)
eoi 24/2/17;
renewals 24/2/17
13/12/16 Presidian Legal Publications Australian Privacy Law Handbook; Planning & Development WA; Planning Law SA; Civil Procedure NT; Annotated Land Act 1994 (QLD); Queensland State Lands Handbook contact Presidian
13/12/16 World Bank World Bank eLibrary valid 1/12/16 (subject to change);
Co Info
13/12/16 Academic Rights Press (ARP) Music ID; Film ID; Entertainment ID valid 31/3/17;
Co Info
12/12/16 American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection eoi 19/12/16;
renewals 19/12/16
7/12/16 World Scientific Publishing (WSP) WSP eJournals
WSP eJournals Archives
valid 31/12/16;
Co Info
1/12/16 Nature Publishing Group Nature Publishing Group (NPG) Journals
Nature; Scientific American; Research Journals (10); Physical Science Journals (7); Reviews Journals (7); Clinical Reviews Journals (8); New Journals (10); Archives and Back Files (10); Academic Journals (40)
closes 9/12/16;
contact Springer Nature
30/11/16 Brill eJournals Brill Online Journal Collections
Brill Journal Archives Online
closes 30/11/16;
contact Bezi
29/11/16 Griffith University Griffith Review eoi 6/12/16;
renewals 13/12/16
23/11/16 Emerald Group Publishing Ltd Emerald Management eJournals Collection; Emerald Education eJournals Collection; Emerald Library & Information Studies eJournals Collection; Emerald Engineering eJournals Collection; Emerald Health & Social Care eJournals Collection; Emerald Business, Management & Economics eBook Series Collections Frontlist/Backlist; Emerald Social Sciences eBook Series Collections Frontlist/Backlist; Emerald eJournal Backfile Collection; Emerald eJournal Backfile Additions Collection; Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies & Archive; Alumni Access eoi 26/11/16;
renewals automatic after 30/11/16
23/11/16 Artstor Artstor Digital Library eoi 30/11/16;
renewals 7/12/16
23/11/16 Taylor and Francis - Routledge Reference Europa World (EW, EW+FEA and EW Plus); World of Learning (WOL); International Who's Who (IWW); Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (REP); Armed Conflict Database (ACD)  eoi 30/11/16;
renewals 7/12/16
23/11/16 HighWire Press Independent Scholarly Publishers Group (ISPG) Journals closes 20/12/16;
contact Dragonfly (updated 18/1/17)
23/11/16 Oxford University Press Oxford Journals eoi 30/11/16;
renewals 7/12/16
22/11/16 Faculty of 1000 (F1000) F1000Prime eoi 29/11/16;
renewals 6/12/16
22/11/16 CLOCKSS CLOCKSS Archive eoi 29/11/16;
renewals 6/12/16
16/11/16 SIAM
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SIAM Journals Online
LOCUS, SIAM’s Online Journal Archive, 1953-1996
eoi 23/11/16;
renewals 30/11/16
16/11/16 American Physiological Society American Physiological Society (APS) Journals
Legacy File
eoi 23/11/16;
renewals 30/11/16
16/11/16 University of Chicago Press UCP Journals - Chicago Complete Package (CCP) eoi 23/11/16;
renewals 30/11/16
15/11/16 American Physical Society (APS) APS Journals Package (APS ALL, PR ALL)
APS PROLA (1893 -2007)
eoi 18/11/16;
renewals 25/11/16
13/11/16 NRC Research Press NRC Research Press Journals and eBooks contact iGroup
11/11/16 Third Iron, LLC BrowZine contact iGroup
11/11/16 Optical Society of America (OSA) Optics InfoBase
Optics InfoBase Premium
eoi 18/11/16;
renewals 25/11/16
11/11/16 ICE Publishing Complete Engineering Journals Collection; Science Journals Collection; ICE Journals Archive; ICE eBooks eoi 17/11/16;
renewals 24/11/16
9/11/16 Oxford University Press Oxford Online: Art & Music; Biography; Dictionaries; Electronic Enlightenment; Encyclopedia of Social Work; Oxford Bibliographies Online; Oxford Clinical Psychology; Oxford Handbooks Online; Oxford Law; Oxford Medicine Online, AMA Manual of Style; Oxford Reference Online; Oxford Scholarly Editions Online; Oxford Scholarship Online; University Press Scholarship Online; Religion - Oxford Biblical Studies Online & Oxford Islamic Studies Online; SIPRI Yearbook; Very Short Introductions Online contact OUP
8/11/16 Cambridge University Press Cambridge Journals Current Packages – Full, STM and HSS; Cambridge Journals Current Bolt on - Former Australian Academic Press titles; Cambridge Journals Digital Archives (CJDA) – one off perpetual access product; European Journal of Archaeology Premium; Materials Research Society (MRS) Online Proceedings Library (OPL); Association of Symbolic Logic Package; Alumni Access eoi 14/11/16;
renewals 21/11/16 
8/11/16 McGraw-Hill Access Medical Platforms: AccessMedicine & Clinical Access, AccessAnesthesiology, AccessEmergencyMedicine, AccessPediatrics, AccessPharmacy, AccessPhysiotherapy, AccessSurgery
Access Medical eBooks a la Carte & Collections: Neurology Collection, Obs/Gyn Collection, Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, Goodman & Gilman, Harrison's Online, Case Files Collection, HemOnc Collection, Hurst's the Heart, Lange Library - Full/Basic/Clinical Science, Tintinalli, Williams Hematology, JAMAevidence, OMMBID, Clinical Sports Medicine Collection, Murtagh Collection
Access Additional Platforms: AccessEngineering, AccessScience
MHE eBook Library: Subscription/Perpetual
eoi 14/11/16;
renewals 21/11/16 
30/10/16 Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP) IOP Journals 2017-2019 confirm by 18/11/16
21/10/16 Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis Journals 2017-2019 confirm by 14/11/16
11/10/16 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ASME Journals Package 2 or Package 9
ASME eBooks Package
eoi 18/10/16;
renewals 1/11/16;
eBooks closes 30/11/16
5/10/16 Fairfax Media Limited The Australian Financial Review; Sydney Morning Herald; The Age contact Fairfax Media
30/9/16 New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) New England Journal of Medicine
NEJM Journal Watch
eoi 7/10/16;
renewals 21/10/16
30/9/16 LexisNexis 2015-2017
LN Academic
eoi 14/10/16;
renewals 21/10/16;
auto-renewals after 14/10/16
28/9/16 Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) RSC Historical Collection Online
contact RSC
22/9/16 Portico E-Book Preservation Service
E-Journal Preservation Service
eoi 29/9/16;
renewals 13/10/16
17/9/16 Brepols Publishers Brepolis Databases:
Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD) / Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) / Brepols Medieval Bibliographies / Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources online / Index Religiosus / International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) / Library of Latin Texts Series A and B / Lexikon des Mittelalters Online + International Encyclopedia for the Middle Ages
eoi 23/9/16;
renewals 7/10/16
16/9/16 JSTOR JSTOR Archive Collections:
Arts & Sciences Collections I-XV / Life Sciences / Biological Sciences / Business I-IV / Ecology & Botany I-II / Hebrew Journals / Language & Literature
Music / Jewish Studies / Iberoamerica / Religion & Theology / Business & Economy / Mathematics & Statistics / 19th Century British Pamphlets / Global Plants
Ireland / Aluka / Alumni Access
eoi 23/9/16;
renewals 7/10/16
15/9/16 MIMS Australia MIMS Online; MIMS Drug Interactions; MIMS Don’t Rush to Crush contact EBSCO
9/9/16 AustLit AustLit – The Australian Literature Resource eoi 16/9/16;
renewals 30/9/16
9/9/16 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) ACM Digital Library
ACM Books
eoi 16/9/16;
renewals 30/9/16
9/9/16 BioMed Central Open Access (Supporter) Membership eoi 16/9/16;
renewals 30/9/16
8/9/16 MA Healthcare internurse; intermid; interuk-vet; Health Professionals; MAH Complete; Journal Archives closes 4/11/16;
contact MA Healthcare
7/9/16 MERCK Publishing The Merck Index Online contact RSC