Current offers to CAUL/CEIRC Thursday, 30 November 2017

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The following table lists offers currently available to CAUL/CEIRC members. 

Only the most recent version of the offer is listed here and on the following pages, though earlier offers will be available from the individual vendor's page.

For vendors, please see the annual call for renewals information, together with an update of pertinent information about working with CEIRC and information for suppliers of CAUL/CEIRC (presentations to new vendors held biennially at the VALA conferences).

From August, 2017 (the beginning of the 2018 renewals season) CAUL/CEIRC will commence using ConsortiaManager to process its publisher/vendor offers and renewals.  A members-only page has been established for information and FAQs about the application. (24/8/17)

All offers list below from October 2017 are in ConsortiaManager, members only. (4/10/17)


Date of
(link to CAUL web page)
Trials available; Expressions 
of interest, etc
30/11/17 GeoScienceWorld (GSW) GeoScienceWorld Journals; GeoRef closes 30/11/17;
contact iGroup
29/11/17 American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. (APPI) PsychiatryOnline Premium renewals 8/12/17
29/11/17 OECD OECD iLibrary; IEA Statistics; UN iLibrary; Commonwealth iLibrary; Norden iLibrary; ITU iLibrary
closes 30/11/17;
contact Co Info
28/11/17 American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) ASTM International Standards Collection Online; ASTM Digital Library Online eoi 30/11/17;
23/11/17 Karger Karger Journals; Karger Journal Archive Collection and Journal Archives; Karger eJournal Backfile Collection; Karger eBooks closes 30/11/17;
contact Karger
22/11/17 (updated 30/11/17)
Peter Lang Academic Publishing Group Peter Lang eBook Collections
closes 15/12/17;
contact Bezi
22/11/17 (updated 30/11/17)
Walter de Gruyter Publishers De Gruyter eBook Packages closes 15/12/17;
contact Bezi
17/11/17 (updated 30/11/17)
Brill eBooks Brill eBook Collections
- 12 subject collections
Complete Humanities and Social Sciences eBook Collection; Complete International Law and Human Rights eBook Collection; ‘Pick and Choose’ eBook Collections
closes 15/12/17;
contact Bezi
15/11/17 (updated 30/11/17)
Walter de Gruyter Publishers De Gruyter eJournal Packages
De Gruyter eJournal Archives, 1826–2014
closes 15/12/17;
contact Bezi
14/11/17 NewsBank NewsBank’s News Information Databases; Access Australia; Access New Zealand; Access Australasia: Enhanced Collection; Access World News: Research Collection closes 22/12/17;
contact Bezi
14/11/17 (updated 30/11/17)
Walter de Gruyter Publishers De Gruyter Online Databases closes 15/12/17;
contact Bezi
13/11/17 ACSESS ACSESS Digital Library closes 30/11/17;
contact iGroup
10/11/17 AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Science Online (includes First Release (formerly Sciencexpress)); Science Classic; Science Signaling; Science Translational Medicine; Science Robotics; Science Immunology renewals 1/12/17
7/11/17 Informit Informit CAUL Premium Package; Informit CAUL Basic Package
Informit CONZUL Complete Package; Informit CONZUL Pick & Choose Package
Business Collection; Engineering Collection; TVNews; EduTV; Literature and Culture Collection Backfile
closes 30/11/17;
contact Informit
7/11/17 Euromonitor International Passport (limited industries); Passport; Survey (free for all); Cities; Nutrition; Industrial; Institutitonal Channel; Ethical Labels renewals 30/11/17;
contact Euromonitor
2/11/17 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Radiology; RadioGraphics; Radiology Legacy renewals 23/11/17
30/10/17 ASM International Materials Information Online (MIO), includes the following:
  ASM Handbooks Online, ASM Alloy Center, ASM Micrograph Center, ASM Failure Analysis Center
Alloy Phase Diagrams Center; Corrosion Analysis Network; Materials for Medical Devices
renewals 21/11/17
30/10/17 AIP Publishing LLC AIP Journals 2017-2019 renewals 20/11/17
26/10/17 Macquarie Dictionary Publishers Macquarie Dictionary Online & Thesaurus renewals 15/11/17
13/10/17 Britannica Digital Learning Britannica Academic; Britannica Image Quest; Britannica Original Sources; Britannica Pathways: Science renewals 3/11/17
10/10/17 Duke University Press e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collections: Standard or Expanded; e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection; Duke Mathematical Journal; DMJ 100 (Archive); Euclid Prime; Gender Studies eBook Subject Collection; Latin American Studies eBook Subject Collection renewals 31/10/17
8/10/17 Digital Science Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) renewals 31/10/17; closes 4/12/17;
contact Digital Science
4/10/17 Rock's Backpages Rock's Backpages Library renewals 25/10/17
4/10/17 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC); Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (MCP); Journal of Lipid Research (JLR) renewals 25/10/17
4/10/17 American Medical Association The JAMA Network renewals 25/10/17
4/10/17 Tourism Research Australia TRA Online Student Data Package renewals 25/10/17
4/10/17 Eurofield Information Solutions AAAS (Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Online) renewals 25/10/17
4/10/17 The Charleston Advisor (TCA) The Charleston Advisor Online (TCA) renewals 25/10/17
4/10/17 American Mathematical Society MathSciNet renewals 25/10/17
4/10/17 Morningstar DatAnalysis Premium renewals 25/10/17


Project MUSE Premium Collection; Standard Collection; Basic Research Collection; Basic College Collection; Humanities Collection; Social Sciences Collection; Subject Collections renewals 25/10/17
12/7/17 Project MUSE eBook Collections Project MUSE 2017 eBook Collections:
Complete Collections; Subject Collections; Area Studies Collections; Series Collections
valid to 31/12/17
2/6/17 Books at JSTOR Books at JSTOR Evidence-based Acquisition Model (EBA) orders by 30/6/17;
contact JSTOR
2/6/17 JSTOR JSTOR Sustainability Collection orders by 30/6/17;
contact JSTOR
1/6/17 (updated 30/11/17)
Brill Reference Works Online Reference Works, Bibliographies, Dictionaries and Primary Sources available in these disciplines:
African Studies; American Studies; Art and Architecture; Asian Studies; Biblical and Christian Studies; Classical Studies; Cultural Studies; European History and Culture; International Law and Human Rights; International Relations and Political Science; Jewish and Hebrew Studies; Language and Linguistics; Latin American Studies; Middle East and Islamic Studies; Religious Studies; Russian and Slavic Studies; Social Sciences
valid 15/12/17;
contact Bezi
2/5/17 Columbia University Press Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) eoi 15/5/17;
renewals 29/5/17
28/4/17 IEEE IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) renewals by 26/5/17;
contact EBSCO
28/4/17 Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP) IOP eBooks (Release 1-4)
IOP Journal Archives (JJAP, Turpion, Physics World)
contact IOP
15/4/17 Emerald eCase Collection
Contact Emerald