CEIRAC Membership (CAUL Electronic Information Resources Advisory Committee) Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Committee Working Papers:

Committee documents are available to members only, as records of meetings, or via the working papers page.

Members of the Committee (2015):

Philip Kent (University Librarian, University of Melbourne, and previously Victoria University), representing CAUL 2007-2010, Executive nominee for chair 2014-2015 
David Howard (University Librarian, Flinders University), representing CAUL 2013-2015
Fides Lawton (Director of Libraries, Australian Catholic University), representing CAUL 2015-2016

Alison Pepper (University of Wollongong) Datasets Coordinator 2014-2015
Bruce Munro (University of New South Wales) Datasets Coordinator 2015-2016

Howard Amos  (University Librarian, University of Otago) representing CONZUL from 2012-2014

Secretary: Diane Costello (Executive Officer, CAUL) CEIRAC secretary 1998- 

Members of the Committee (pre-2015):

    CAUL Members.
    Craig Anderson (Director, University Library, RMIT University), representing CAUL 2006-2007
    Greg Anderson (University Librarian, University of Newcastle, CAUL Executive nominee 2008-9), Chair 2008-2009
    Marian Bate, Principal Librarian, University of New South Wales ( CAUL Executive nominee, 1998-1999)
    Bill Cations, University Librarian, Flinders University (representing CAUL, 1998-2000; Acting Chair, 1999)
    Gulcin Cribb (Director, Library Services, Bond University), representing CAUL 2004-2005
    Liz Curach, University Librarian, University of Western Sydney, (representing CAUL, 2002)
    Vic Elliott University Librarian, University of Tasmania, (representing CAUL, Chair 2000-2001)
    Earle Gow, University Librarian, La Trobe University, (CAUL Executive nominee, 2000-2001)
    Heather Gordon (University Librarian, James Cook University, and earlier at University of the Sunshine Coast), representing CAUL 2003-2006, Chair 2004-2006
    Anne Horn (University Librarian, Deakin University), representing CAUL 2008-2011
    Sandra Jeffries (Director, Information Services, University of the Sunshine Coast), representing CAUL 2012-2013
    Philip Kent (University Librarian, University of Melbourne, and previously Victoria University), representing CAUL 2007-2010, Executive nominee for chair 2014-2015 
    Fides Lawton, Associate Librarian (Resources) University of Technology, Sydney (representing CAUL 2002-2003)
    Steve O'Connor, University Librarian, University of Technology, Sydney (representing CAUL, 1996-1999/1; Chair, 1998/4-1999/1)
    Doreen Parker, University Librarian, Victoria University of Technology (Member, Database Access Working Group, 1994-1996/6) Barbara Paton, University Librarian, University of New England (representing CAUL 2011-2014)
    Janine Schmidt, University Librarian, University of Queensland (Member, Database Access Working Group, 1996-1998/3)
    John Shipp, University Librarian, University of Sydney (Database Access Working Group, Chair, 1994-1998/3)
    Colin Steele, University Librarian, Australian National University (Member, Database Access Working Group, 1994-1998/3)
    Andrew Wells (University Librarian, University of New South Wales, CAUL Executive nominee 2005-2007, 2010-2013), Chair 2007, 2010-2013
    Evelyn Woodberry (University Librarian, University of New England), representing CAUL 2001, CAUL Executive nominee 2002-2004 & Chair 2002-2003
    Secretary: Diane Costello (1998-    ;  Executive Officer, CAUL, 1995- )
    Observer: Steve Cramond, Executive Officer, Information Infrastructure Liaison, Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee (1998)
    Datasets Coordinators.
    Vivienne Bernath, Monash University (Datasets coordinator) 1996-1999
    Martin Borchert (Griffith University) Datasets Coordinator 2005-2006
    Colleen Cleary (Queensland University of Technology) Datasets Coordinator 2007-2008
    Stephen Cramond University of Adelaide (Datasets Coordinator) 2002
    Richard d'Avigdor University of New South Wales (Datasets Coordinator) 2000-2001
    Sue Dowling (Murdoch University) Datasets Coordinator 2003-2004, 2010 (casual vacancy)
    Michael Gonzalez (University of Western Sydney) Datasets Coordinator 2012-2013
    David Groenewegen (Monash University) Datasets Coordinator 2004-2005
    Alison Hunter University of Southern Queensland  (Datasets Coordinator) 2001
    Debby Macdonald (Griffith University) Datasets Coordinator 2009-2010/1 (retired)
    Ritva Matero, University of Western Australia (Datasets coordinator)  1998-2000
    Alison Neil (University of New South Wales) Datasets Coordinator 2008-2009
    Jocelyn Priddey (University of Queensland) Datasets Coordinator 2002-2003, seconded 2004.
    Majella Pugh (University of Queensland) Datasets Coordinator 2013-2014
    Neil Renison (James Cook University) Datasets Coordinator 2006-2007
    Robert Stafford (Monash University) Datasets Coordinator 2010-2011
    David Wells (Curtin University) Datasets Coordinator 2011-2012

    Teresa Chitty  (University Librarian, Lincoln University) representing CONZUL 2009
    Ross Hallett  (University Librarian, University of Waikato) representing CONZUL from August 31, 2009-2011 
    Tony Millett (Administration Services Manager, University of Waikato) representing CONZUL 1999-2004
    John Redmayne  (University Librarian, Massey University) representing CONZUL 2005-2008
    Helen Renwick,  University Librarian, Massey University, New Zealand (CONZUL representative, 1998)

    Tom Girke (Manager CSIRO IT Collection Resources Support) representing CSIRO, April 2005-2008 (the CSIRO position on the committee was disestablished in 2008)
    Philip Kent, Assistant General Manager, CSIRO IT Services (1998-2002)
    Sally-Anne Leigh (Project Manager, One CSIRO Information Services) representing CSIRO October, 2004-January, 2005)
    Jacqui Porter (Electronic Acquisitions, CSIRO Information Technology Services) representing CSIRO 2002-2004

Records of Meetings of the Committee  [Members only]

Other Committee Activity, Papers.  See also Presentations.


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Australian Catholic University
Category crac
Member details
Name: Ms Fides LawtonPhone: 02 9739 2818
Position Title: Director of Libraries   
Address: PO Box 968 North Sydney NSW 2059Email: fides.lawton@acu.edu.au
Category exec, ceirac, csac, staff, insync
Member details
Name: Diane CostelloPhone: +61 2 6125 2990
Position Title: Executive OfficerFax: + 61 2 6248 8571
Address: PO Box 8169 Australian National University ACT 0200 Email: diane.costello@caul.edu.au
Flinders University
Member details
Name: Mr David HowardPhone: 08 8201 2103
Position Title: University Librarian   
Address: GPO Box 2100 ADELAIDE SA 5001Email: David.Howard@flinders.edu.au
University of Melbourne
Category exec,cairss
Member details
Name: Mr Philip G. KentPhone: 03 8344 5368
Position Title: University LibrarianFax: 03 8344 4660
Address: VIC 3010Email: pgkent@unimelb.edu.au
University of New South Wales
Category ceirc, ceirac
Member details
Name: Bruce MunroPhone: 02 9385 1665
Position Title: Team Leader, Collection Development (updated 4/10/12)Fax: 02 9385 1235
   Email: irdvendor@unsw.edu.au
Technical Contact
Name: Alison Neil (updated 21/10/11)Phone: 02 9385 2620
Fax: 02 9662 1203
Email: a.neil@unsw.edu.au
IP Addresses
(updated 4/7/07)
FTE Numbers
(2013, last updated 22/7/14)
University of Otago
Category ceirac
Member details
Name: Howard Amos   
Position Title: University Librarian   
Address: P O Box 56 Dunedin, New ZealandEmail: howard.amos@otago.ac.nz
University of Queensland
Category ceirac, ceirc
Member details
Name: Majella PughPhone: 07 3346 4350
Position Title: Senior Manager, Information Resources (updated 13/8/10)Fax: 07 3365 6888
   Email: m.pugh@library.uq.edu.au
Technical Contact
Name: Dell SchrammPhone: 07 3346 3678
Fax: 07 3365 6888
Email: d.schramm@library.uq.edu.au
IP Addresses
(updated 11/10/07)
NB (31/10/13) UQ does not provide access to QIMR through 152.98.192-255.*. QIMR has and only of that B class. Even though they still show as “owners” in registries.
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University of Wollongong
Category ceirac, ceirc
Member details
Name: Alison PepperPhone: 02 4221 3050
Position Title: eCollections Coordinator (updated 20/12/13)Fax: 02 4221 4663
   Email: abetts@uow.edu.au
Technical Contact
Name: Christine Wales (updated 8/1/14)Phone: 02 4221 3050
Email: cwales@uow.edu.au
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(updated 17/7/13)
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