Quality & Assessment Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Australian Go8 Libraries cost-benefit study

This cost-benefit study was prepared for the Go8 librarians by David J. Powell, Outsell Director & Senior Consultant in December 2009. The presentation to CAUL by Vic Elliott is available here. A copy of the full report is available from librarian@anu.edu.au

‘Why then we rack the value’: Building Value Frameworks for Academic Libraries - presentation by Vic Elliott (26/3/10)

Insync Surveys

The revised survey instrument is now available. (27/3/09)

The CAUL Performance Indicator database enables the comparison of outcomes across member organisations. To further encourage the sharing of good practice that led to these outcomes, the Best Practice Working Group is asking members to contribute case studies to briefly outline: improvements made in response to results, or good practices that have contributed towards achieving desired outcomes.