2017 Community Event (CAUL Research Repositories) Friday, 17 February 2017

EOI - Open until 14th March

Expressions of interest are called for the CAUL Research Repositories Community Day to be held at the University of Queensland in Brisbane on Monday 26 June, 2017. 

The program committee (Greg Anderson, Janice Chan, Katrina Dewis, Mary-Anne Marrington, Robin Burgess, Simon Huggard and Peter Green) have been considering the program, taking into account the feedback from last year's event and are looking forward to the event this year.

We are mindful that the Repository Community Day provides an opportunity for those associated with institutional repository management and operations to get together and discuss issues and trends.  As such the program for the event will be a mix of presentations and opportunities to share ideas and ask questions. This year the event is a single day and the program will be adjusted accordingly.

Expressions of interest should be no longer than a paragraph and indicate whether you are proposing a talk with a 15 minute presentation or a lightning presentation of 5 minutes or to lead discussion on a topic. The discussion sessions in 2016 were very well received and we encourage expressions of interest for this format. We will negotiate the time and format as required.

Please mention if you are also presenting at OR2017 and if your offering is the same or different. We will prefer not to double up on content, given the shorter time available at the Community Day and that there will be a large overlap in attendance. 

The suggested topics are based on feedback from last year's participants and topics the Program Committee consider of emerging interest.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Copyright and datasets
  • Interoperability
  • Open access/open data projects (Researcher’s perspective)
  • Developments, improvements, changes made to repositories
  • Evidence based practice
  • Customer experience, how to get buy-in from researchers and upper management
  • Marketing and promotion of services, case studies and success stories
  • DOI minting for grey literature and theses
  • CRIS systems and their use as repositories including for data
  • ORCID implementation and/or integration
  • Data repositories
  • Updates from institutions using Pure, Symplectic, Figshare
  • Software upgrades
  • Research data management
  • Theses management
  • ARC, NHMRC updates including ERA
  • News about training and professional development
  • NTROs (Non-Traditional Research Outputs)
  • Connections between data management, data storage, and the repository
  • Depositing success stories
  • Digital preservation in repositories
  • Poster presentations will be welcome
  • Any other ideas welcome

Expressions of interest should be sent to Peter Green at  p.green (at) murdoch.edu.au by Tuesday 14 March 2017


Monday 26 June, 2017


University of Queensland, Brisbane


CAUL Research Repository Community Event 2017 will be a single day on Monday 26 June to coincide with OR2017

Invited speakers

Kathleen Shearer, Executive Director of COAR


Conference Dinner








Accommodation - in the local area