CAUL Meeting 2011/1 Tuesday, 10 May 2011

University of the Sunshine Coast - April 14-15, 2011

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Agenda papers have been made available as a full set in pdf format suitable for double-sided printing. [Members only]]
(* some papers and presentations will not be included in the final set)

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Agenda & Schedule 

DRAFT Minutes of CAUL Meeting 2010/2

Minutes of CAUL Executive Meetings 2010/5, 2010/6, 2011/1

*Strategic Plan 2010-2012 (revised February, 2011) and overview version (1/3/11)

*CAUL 2011-2012.  CAUL Committees’ Terms of Reference and Workplans (updated 1 December 2010 dmc)

*CAUL 2010 - the year in review (18/3/11)

Communication & Influence

President's Report  - Cathrine Harboe-Ree (29/3/11) [Members only]

LATN report to CAUL - Marilyn Coen, LATN Executive Officer (4/4/11)

LATN - 2010 Year in Review - Alex Byrne, chair, LATN (4/4/11)

*LATN Strategic Plan - presentation to CAUL - Imogen Garner (14/4/11)

CONZUL - report to CAUL - Sue Roberts (4/4/11)

*Developments in Libraries Australia, Trove and the Party Infrastructure Project: National Library of Australia presentation to CAUL - Warwick Cathro, Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing and Innovation (15/4/11)

Contribution to Learning & Teaching

CLTAC report to CAUL - Graham Black (4/4/11)

Contribution to Research

COSIAC report to CAUL - Maxine Brodie & Judy Stokker (4/4/11)

COSI - Combined Report from Discussion Groups 16 September 2010 - Maxine Brodie & Judy Stokker (4/4/11)

CAIRSS report to CAUL - Heather Gordon (4/4/11)

CAIRSS 2011-2012 work plan - Sue Craig, USQ (4/4/11) [Members only]

*2011 Research Infrastructure Roadmap - DIISR presentation to CAUL - Clare McLaughlin, Manager, Science Policy, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (15/4/11, published 10/5/11) 

*Data Management in Library Services:  ANDS presentation to CAUL - Cynthia Love, Director, Public Sector Data, Australian National Data Service (15/4/11)

*University libraries and research data management: developing knowledge, skills and careers: CAUL Achievement Award - presentation to CAUL by Samantha (Sam) Searle, Data Management Coordinator, Monash University Library (15/4/11)

Information Resources

CEIRAC report to CAUL - Andrew Wells (4/4/11) [Members only

CEIRAC recommendation re CEIRC event for 2011 (Andrew Wells, 30/3/11) [Members only

Wiley-Blackwell Proposal for Piloting New Journal Models with the Go8 / the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)  (Andrew Wells, 30/3/11) [Members only

Copyright - report to CAUL - Derek Whitehead (6/4/11)

AAF - report to CAUL - Grace Saw (5/4/11)

AAF Working Group - Report - Carolyn McDonald, Bond University (5/4/11)

Australian Access Federation:  What membership will mean for libraries.  Carolyn McDonald, Bond University (5/4/11)

*CCSAC report to CAUL - Shirley Oakley (14/4/11)

Delivering Quality and Value

CQAAC report to CAUL - Des Stewart (5/4/11)

CAUL statistics - report to CAUL - Craig Anderson (4/4/11)

*The UoW Library Cube - presentation to CAUL - Margie Jantti (14/4/11)

*CAUL statistics review - presentation to CAUL - Craig Anderson (14/4/11)

CAUL Administration

Treasurer's report -   [Members only]
*CAUL Budget 2011 [Members only]
*CAUL Budget 2010 [Members only]
*CAUL Risk Assessment [Members only]]

Executive Officer's Report [Members only]

Meeting Schedule

The meeting schedule is confirmed:

Wednesday 3-5pm CAIRSSAC meeting

Thursday  8.30-10.30 Committee meetings (CCAC, COSIAC, CCSAC, CLTAC, CQAAC) and Go8
Thursday 11-1 CAUL Business Meeting
Thursday 1pm Lunch
Thursday 2-5.30  CAUL Business Meeting
Thursday 7pm for 7.30pm CAUL dinner

Friday 9-1  CAUL Business Meeting / Hot Topics
Friday 1pm  lunch
Friday 2pm  Sectoral group meetings (IRUA)


The meeting will be held at the Innovation Centre at the university, with committee meetings at various locations on campus. 

The CAUL dinner will be at the Boat Shed Restaurant, The Esplanade, Cotton Tree (Maroochydore) - see Map

Maps & Parking information - note that reserved parking is not available, but early arrivals should find plenty of available public parking at the Innovation Centre.

Travel - airline, rental car and taxi information is attached.


The attached hotel information has been provided by the University of the Sunshine Coast - further options are available at Wotif for Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.