CAUL Meeting 2010/2 Friday, 11 March 2011

Brisbane - September 16-17, 2010

Members-only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

Agenda papers are available as a full set in pdf format suitable for double-sided printing.  [Members only]
(* some papers and presentations will not be included in the final set)

Member feedback on the structure and content of the meeting. (8/12/10) [Members only]

Agenda & Schedule (Finalised 10/9/10) 
DRAFT Minutes of CAUL Meeting 2010/1
Minutes of CAUL Executive Meetings 2010/2, 2010/3, 2010/4 (draft)

*Strategic Plan 2010-2012

CAUL Advisory Committees - Discussion Paper & recommendations to CAUL (Cathrine Harboe-Ree, 10/8/10)

Communication & Influence

CONZUL - report to CAUL (John Redmayne, 31/8/10)

Copyright - report to CAUL (Derek Whitehead, 9/9/10)

ALIA - report to CAUL (Graham Black, 9/9/10)

Libraries Australia - report to CAUL (Anne Horn, 3/9/10)

*North American Academic Libraries: a view from Downunder - presentation to CAUL (Janine Schmidt, Emeritus Trenholme Director of Libraries, McGill University, 17/9/10)

Contribution to Learning & Teaching

*Print Disability:  A national service for accessible information - presentation to CAUL (Julie Rae, General Manager, Community Information Access, Vision Australia, 17/9/10)

*LATN Survey of Indigenous library  services in selected university libraries  in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, presentation by Alex Byrne (17/9/10)

*How UniSA Library staff got an ALTC Grant and how you, too can get one, presentation by Irene Doskatch (17/9/10)

*ACADEMIC INTEGRITY MODULE (AIM):  ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student  Learning 2009, presentation by Greg Anderson (17/9/10)

*The library contribution to the ALTC awarded 'First Year Biology Learning and Teaching Group project’, presentation by Ainslie Dewe (17/9/10)

Contribution to Research

CAIRSS - report to CAUL (Heather Gordon, 30/7/10)

Future of CAIRSS - Confidential Report by the CAIRSS Steering Committee for CAUL (Heather Gordon, 27/8/10) [Members only]

Future of CAIRSS - Presentation by Heather Gordon (16/9/10)

COSI - report to CAUL (Maxine Brodie, Judy Stokker, 9/9/10)

*The State of Two Nations:   Open Scholarship in Australasia, presentation by Alex Byrne (17/9/10)

Information Resources

Scholarly Publishing  Pricing – how we can we influence and see change? - discussion paper (Andrew Wells, 8/9/10) [Members only]

CEIRC - report to CAUL (Andrew Wells, 10/9/10) [Members only]

*Australian Access Federation - presentation to CAUL (Heath Marks, Project Manager, AAF, 17/9/10)

*Collaborative Storage of Print Collections - presentation to CAUL (Helen Renwick, The University of Auckland, 17/9/10)

Delivering Quality and Value

CAUL Statistics - report to CAUL (Craig Anderson, 8/9/10)

CAUL Statistics Review 2010 (Craig Anderson, 8/9/10)

CAUL Statistics Review 2010 - feedback to draft document (10/9/10)

CAUL Administration

Treasurer's report - Imogen Garner (6/9/10) [Members only]
*CAUL Budget 2011 - draft [Members only]
*CAUL Budget 2010 [Members only]
*CAUL Risk Assessment  [Members only]
Executive Officer's Report  (Diane Costello, 10/9/10)

Meetings Schedule

The draft meeting schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 5-7 Executive meeting

Thursday  9-11  Committee meetings
Thursday 11-12 CAUL Business Meeting - Guest speaker is Professor Peter Coaldrake, Chair of Universities Australia
Thursday 12 noon Lunch (Professor Coaldrake is joining members for lunch)
Thursday 1-5  CAUL Business Meeting
Thursday 7pm for 7.30pm CAUL dinner

Friday 9-1  CAUL Business Meeting / Hot Topics
Friday 1pm  lunch
Friday 2pm  Committee / Sectoral group meetings

Location - Gardens Point Campus, Queensland University of Technology - Map - Parking information

Gibson Room, Z Block, Level 10, QUT, Gardens Point Campus - CAUL Council Meeting

Other events.

Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future - 7 August – 14 November 2010 - The Fairfax Gallery (Gallery 1.1), 1.2 & 1.3 GoMA - Tickets


The following hotel information has been provided by the QUT Library - further options are available at Wotif. 

Hotel Address Contact  Tariff Room Type
The Sebel Suites 
5 minute walk to QUT
95 Charlotte St
Brisbane City
Ph: 5443 4998 $190
Studio Room
1 bedroom apartment
Royal on The Park 
5 minute walk to QUT
152 Alice St
Brisbane City
Ph: 3221 3411 $180 Hotel room 
Mantra on Queen 
10 minute walk to QUT
Queen St
Brisbane City
Ph: 3234 8888 $165
Hotel room
1 bedroom apartment
15 minute walk to QUT
9 Glenelg St
Ph: 3364 0800 $266 Queen room
Mantra Southbank 
15 minute walk to QUT
161 Grey St
Ph: 3305 2500 $200
Studio room
1 bedroom apartment