CAUL Advisory Committees & Representatives Sunday, 19 March 2017

All advisory committees report to CAUL through the Executive Committee and directly to CAUL.  An annual review meeting [members only] has been held since 2010, with the Executive and all committee chairs, to review the year's progress and make plans for the following year.  The record of the review meeting and the annual reports are currently available to members only, from this page, after login.

In 2010, CAUL reviewed its complement of working groups, focus groups, steering committees, etc with a view to normalising their structures and protocols and confirming where it needed additional focus to implement the strategic plan. Regular membership renewal processes were instituted at the end of 2012.

In 2016, CAUL began working through a major revamp of its strategic directions and structure - watch this space!

A number of members of CAUL also represent members on external bodies.   These are listed below.

Protocols & Terms of Reference

In the 2010 restructure, the terms of reference were revised and the protocols endorsed by CAUL.  There is some turnover of membership each year, with the two-year terms staggered to balance that turnover.  CONZUL is represented on most committees.

See also the CAUL Executive Committee
CCAC (CAUL Copyright Advisory Committee)

Program:  Copyright
Chair:  Catherine Clark (2015-2017, chair 2017-  )
Members:  Sandra Jeffries (2014-2017), Carmel O'Sullivan (2017-2018?)
CONZUL:  n/a
Practitioners:  Robin Wright (Swinburne, 2015-2017), Jenny Ellis (UMelbourne, 2016-2017)
ALCC/ADA observer:  Jessica Coates (2015-    )

CEIRAC (CAUL Electronic Information Resources Advisory Committee)

Program:  CEIRC (CAUL Electronic Information Resources Consortium)
Chair:  Philip Kent (2014-2017)
Members:  David Howard (2013-2017), Fides Datu Lawton (2015-2017)
CONZUL:  Janet Fletcher (from Jul '16)
Practitioners:   Bruce Munro (UNSW, 2015-2017), Eleanor Thomas (UniSA, 2016-2017)
CAUL Executive Officer

CFAC (CAUL Finance Advisory Committee)

Program:   < Home » About CAUL » CAUL Corporate Information>  [Members only]
Chair:  Ralph Kiel (2013-2017, Treasurer)
Practitioners:  Belinda Moore (UNE, 2015-    ), Mahamoodur Bhuyian (UNSW, 2015-   )
CAUL Executive Officer

CLTAC (CAUL Learning & Teaching Advisory Committee)

Program:  Learning & Teaching
Chair:   Robert Gerrity (2013-2016, chair 2017-2018)
Members:   Wendy Abbott (2015-2017),  Martin Borchert (2017-2018?)
CONZUL:  Damian Lodge (from September '15)
Practitioners:  Kim Lewin (QUT, 2015-2017), Michael Arndell (USydney, 2016-2017), Tanya Bramley (RMIT, 2017-2018?)
CAUL Communication & Policy Officer

CQAAC (CAUL Quality & Assessment Advisory Committee)

Program:  Quality & Assessment (formerly Best Practice)
Chair:  Jennifer Peasley (2015-2018?)
Members:  Barbara Paton (2015-2017), Karmen Pemberton (2015-2017)
CONZUL:  Linda Palmer (2015-    )
Practitioners:  Adrian Gallagher (VU, 2015-2017), Maureen Kattau (Macquarie, 2016-2017)
Co-opted practitioner: Sue Owens (Monash, 2016-    )
CAUL Communication & Policy Officer

CRAC (CAUL Research Advisory Committee) from 2013

Program:  Research
Chair:  Jill Benn (2015-2018?, chair from 2017)
Members:  Greg Anderson (2015-2017), Linda O'Brien (2014-2017, chair to 2016)
CONZUL:  Anne Scott (2015-    )
Practitioners:  Sten Christensen (USydney, 2017), Alexander Sussman (SCU, 2017), Peter Green (Curtin, 2015-2017), Simon Huggard (La Trobe, 2016-2017)
ANDS Liaison:  Kathryn Unsworth (2017-    )
AOASG Liaison:  Dr Virginia Barbour (2016-    )
CAUL Communication & Policy Officer

CSAC (CAUL Statistics Advisory Committee)

Program:  Statistics
Chair:  Leeanne Pitman (2015-2017)
Members:  Helen Taylor (2016-2017), Teresa Chitty (2017-2018?)
CONZUL:  Ross Hallett (2011-    )
Practitioners:  Mark Sutherland (UNewcastle, 2015-2017), Medwenna Buckland (Macquarie, 2017-2018?)
CAVAL (contract provider):  Sae Ra Germaine
CAUL Executive Officer

CCSAC (CAUL Collection Sharing Advisory Committee) - this committee was disestablished at the end of 2013

The Collection Sharing Program (included ULANZ (University Libraries Australia and New Zealand))

CLPAC (CAUL Library Publishing Advisory Committee) - this committee reverted to a Community of Practice in late 2016.

Program:  Publishing in University Libraries

CAUL Representatives on External Bodies

Australian ORCID Consortium Governance Committee

Margie Jantti (2016-    )

ORCID International Board of Directors

Linda O'Brien (2017-2019 (3 years))

Libraries Australia Advisory Committee (LAAC)

JoAnne Sparks (2013-2019 (extended 3 years on April 18 2016))

Robert Gerrity (2014-2017 (Oct))

ALIA Book Industry and Elending Advisory Committee

Alison Pepper (UoW, 2015-    )

Standards Australia Technical Committee IT-019 Information and Documentation, Information Technology

Lisa McIntosh (USydney, 2015-    )

CAUL/ASA Working Group

Philip Kent, Chair

Representatives from CAUL libraries:  Frances O'Neil (VU), Susie Shears (UMelbourne)

Representative from the Australian Society of Authors:  Jane Coucher, Mark Carthew

CAUL Communication & Policy Officer